6 Reasons Why You Should Learn a Foreign Language

In America, most students are required to take at least two semesters of a foreign language of their choice (though generally Spanish, French, and German are the only choices offered; however, that is besides the point), and many students question why they should have to spend their time learning a language that isn’t their own.

But it isn’t just students who should learn a foreign language; everyone should!

Why? Well, just read this list of reasons and see if you can’t find at least one that makes sense to you when it comes to the ‘how come’ of learning another language.

1. Travel
Many of us like to travel or would like to, but how many of us consider learning at least the basics of the language of the country we are traveling to? Learning another country’s language before you visit is both respectful and helpful. Finding restaurants, shops, and other places of interest as well as getting directions if you are lost is much simpler if you can communicate with the locals.

2. Business
The world’s economy is all wrapped up together, and many businesses conduct their business with foreign countries, such as Japan or Germany. Learning a language that is used frequently in the business world might help land you a job, especially if you want to go into a business such as engineering that deals with a lot of manufacturing.

3. Keeping Your Mind Sharp
Learning a foreign language takes lots of concentration and practice. You need a sharp mind to learn, and by learning something as complex as another language, you can help keep your mind sharp and thinking while learning something useful.

4. Improve Your Communication Skills
Communication is absolutely key in any relationship, and communication is also ever growing more and more important in this technologically-linked world where you can communicate with anyone and everyone in the world in a matter of seconds. Having good communication skills is a highly valued trait, and by knowing another language, you are improving those skills.

5. Become a Better Writer
Learning another language also helps you understand your own native tongue better. With a better grasp of grammar and structure, you will become a better writer.

6. Personal Satisfaction
The personal satisfaction of achieving something for yourself that is both useful and beneficial is all yours when you learn something new, and learning something as complex and difficult to learn like another language brings a lot of personal satisfaction with it.

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