6 Reasons Why a Cat is a Great Pet

As an animal person, I love all animals from the cuddly and cute to the ferocious, fanged monsters that could probably eat me alive. Fortunately, house cats will not eat you alive, just one of the many reasons a cat is a great pet for all types of people from children to single persons to families.

If you are considering getting a pet cat, here are six reasons to get a cat as a pet:

Low Maintenance
Cats are fairly low maintenance pets. You don’t have to worry about grooming them much as they are very clean creatures who do this themselves. You also don’t have to worry about exercising them as they do that themselves as well. The most you have to do is feed them, water them, keep their litter box clean, and love them. Occasionally you might have to brush them or bath them.

Low Cost
Cats are also inexpensive pets. You can usually find free kittens all-year-round in the local paper or at a local shelter. Your initial investment to get their shots, spay or neuter them, and purchase their litter box and a few toys will be the biggest investment. Cat food is relatively inexpensive. A sixteen pound bag of food cost $12.00 at Wal-Mart and a 32-count case of canned food is $15. Most cats won’t eat a whole can a day either. Litter can also be purchase for roughly $10.00 per 20-25 pounds.

Little Training Required
If you aren’t an experience handler or trainer, cats are a great choice, because they don’t require any training other than litter training, which they pick up fairly naturally. (They naturally like to keep their living space clean and will go in the box once they know where it is.)

Cats Are Loving Critters
Cats tend to be very loving toward their owner even if they are shy around others. They love to curl up in your lap and are content to purr and cuddle you. Plus, they are like little space heaters! They are always warm and are great for keep your toes warm at night.

Little Noise
Cats don’t make a lot of noise. They purr and meow and make other noises, but they aren’t loud like the barking of a dog. If animals making a lot of noise bothers you, then a cat is, again, a great choice, because they are quiet creatures. Although, certain breeds can be noisier, such as Siamese cats, which are known for their vocal nature. And trust me, they live up to their name.

Amusing Antics
Most cats are constantly doing something cute or plain funny. They don’t make sense, and they are kind of spazzes, which makes them wonderfully amusing pets. My cats always make me laugh with something silly they are doing, and we all know laughter is the best medicine.

Personal Experience