6 Qualities of an Effective Manager

There are many different kinds of managers, and many different kinds of management styles. Despite this, there are certain qualities that all managers must have in order to be effective. Most likely, you well remember those managers who did not have these qualities. It is equally important, to recognize what qualities to look for in a manager. If you are a manager yourself, it is never too late to improve your way of managing those who work for you.

Here are 6 qualities that every effective manager needs to have:

-Always treat your employees with respect. There is not enough that can be said about respect. Respect is the buffer for redirection, reprimands, and constructive criticism. Without respect, the words you speak can hurt, cut down, and put the other person on the defensive.

-Listen. An effective manager is not afraid to listen to his employee…whether it be feedback, ideas, or complaints. The reason an effective manager realizes he must listen to his employees is because they are the heart of the operation. It is through them that a business has the capability to grow and become better.

-Treat your employees fairly. Although it is impossible to be 100% fair all of the time, an employee will recognize a manager who is doing his or her best to be fair. Nothing is more obvious to an employee than a manager who shows partiality or favoritism to an employee who is doing the same amount of work as everyone else.

-Be consistent. Most places of employment have rules and guidelines to follow for a reason. Rules let employees know what the boundaries are within the workplace. If a manager enforces the rules one day and pays no attention to them the next day, this causes confusion among employees.

-Reward a job well done. An effective manager will reward an employee for a job well done. This can be done in various ways. It can be through praise, verbal recognition, awards, or a pay raise. Letting an employee know that his hard work is recognized and valued is an important part of being an effective manager.

-Don’t be afraid to walk in your employee’s shoes. A manager will be more effective if he can have a realistic idea of what his employees go through during a typical work day. It is a good idea for managers to spend time working alongside their employees from time to time just to get a sense of how it is. It can be a very humbling experience.

Being an effective manager is not so difficult if you follow the above guidelines. The more effective a manager is, the more effective his employees will be.