6 Must-Have Beauty Tools

A good beauty and skin care routine isn’t just about the products. Many common beauty tools can make or break a good routine, or just plain save you much frustration and trouble as you apply and use those products. Think about what’s in your bathroom cabinet and your makeup bag. Do you have everything you need amongst your beauty arsenal?

If you’re not sure, here’s a great guide to 6 must-have tools that will truly come in handy day or night.

#1 – Pencil Sharpener
An eyeliner or lipliner pencil is only accurate if you keep that tip nice and sharp. A good, sturdy pencil sharpener (specifically for makeup pencils, not No. 2’s) with two holes with varying diameters is a must. Keep tools sharp, keep lines well defined, and keep your lips and/or eyes looking great.

#2 – Tweezers
Over-plucked brows are so out, but so are unruly ones! Keep all those eyebrows in order with a good pair of tweezers. There are slanted ones, lighted ones, and ergonomic ones. Whichever pair of tweezers you use, make sure you’re using it. In moderation, of course.

#3 – Eyelash Curler
I know these look scary and seem unnecessary, but as someone who has had some crazy mascara clumping incidents, I can attest to the eyelash curler’s validity as a beauty tool. It need not be fancy, but an eyelash curler can help you prep your lashes and get a great wide-open look.

#4 – Good Quality Brushes
To some, this goes without saying. But if you’re just using the little applicators that come with your eyeshadow and blush, it’s time to get your big-girl tools and buy a set of real cosmetic brushes. You’ll get a more hygienic, more precise application. Real makeup brushes are easy to clean and will reduce the amount of product you waste during your application. Simply put, the brushes pick up the product and place it where you want it, a maximum transfer with no absorption on the way.

#5 – Flat Iron
On frizzy hair days, this could save your hair from certain doom. Keep a lightweight, travel-friendly flat iron around for just such an emergency. It’s a quick and easy way to give your hair smooth silkiness and more manageability. And if you get a versatile model, you can even flip, curl, or add body to your hair.

#6 – Cotton Swabs
Seems easy enough, and these are probably already in your bathroom, but have you experienced the many uses for a regular, ordinary cotton swab? Apply or remove makeup, tidy up a manicure or pedicure, create a perfect smoky eye, or get that lipstick off your teeth in no time. Keep a few cotton swabs handy for those unexpected moments.

With these tools on hand, you’ll get the most of your beauty and skin care products. And you’ll also look great when you leave the house day in and day out. Keep yourself well prepared for any beauty emergency with these and other tools you’ve come to love.


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