6 Helpful Resources for Female Veterans

At least 15 percent or more of the armed forces is comprised of women. While they face some of the same issues as their male counterparts returning from war, female vets have unique concerns that need to be addressed as well. There are a number of online resources that can assist them with receiving help for medical, mental health, financial and personal problems.

American Women Veterans Foundation

This nonprofit organization is a strong advocate for female vets and works to empower them through outreach programs, special events and pertinent resources. They are dedicated to dealing with those topics that most affect women who have served in the military. Click here to learn more, .

Assistance for Homeless Veterans

The Veterans Administration has been striving to diminish the number of veterans who find themselves homeless. They have set up the National Call Center for Homeless Veterans, available 24 hours a day at 1-877-4AID-VET. You can speak with a counselor who can advise you on how to take advantage of VA benefits, programs, housing support help, community social services and more. You should also make an appointment at the nearest VA to help with this, as well as receive free or very low cost medical care, mental health counseling, etc. Find out additional information here. .

Grace After Fire

Join this online community of female veterans and find support, advice, resources, news and assistance to help you heal from PTSD, emotional trauma (such as being raped while serving in the military) and substance abuse issues. Grace Under Fire partners with facilities that offer on-site treatment programs for these concerns. Click here to become a part of their community. .

Service Women’s Action Network

SWAN offers advocacy, supportive programs and resources to women who are active duty or veterans. Some female vets feel too embarrassed or uncomfortable disclosing their personal feelings or trauma experiences openly. If you just need someone to talk to anonymously who understands what you are going through, they have a peer support hotline at 1-888-729-2089. Find out how you can get help. .

Women Veterans of America

Their website provides helpful resources for women vets and addresses special issues, such as sexual harassment in the military, health problems, adjusting to being a civilian and the like. You can visit their site for more details.

Women Veterans Network.

This online community is geared toward women vets, as well as for active-duty military. Give and share advice on their forum, chat and learn about resources that can help you find help and information. Visit the site for help.