6 Cool Things to Do with Your iPod Touch

I got my iPod Touch 4g because I wanted to be able to listen to all of my favorite songs while I run, do housework or step away from my computer. I really liked the idea of having all the music files in one location that I could then listen to anywhere. Add to this the fact that it looked really cool and I was sold.

But it wasn’t until after I got my iPod home that I realized all the other things I could do with it. Now I wonder why I didn’t make the purchase sooner. Here are some cool things to do with your iPod Touch that you might not have known about.

Turn Your iPod into a TV

Using Hulu and Netflix applications, you can make your iPod Touch a mini TV. Watch your favorite shows with Hulu Plus (subscription required) or check out Netflix instant watch movies from your mobile device. The screen is small but it’s awesome for when you’re taking a long bus ride, waiting at the doctor’s office or when you just want to cozy up in the corner somewhere with your favorite movie. You can also access YouTube for videos from your iPod Touch.

Turn Your iPod Into a Phone

There are several ways to turn your iPod Touch into a phone but I highly suggest against “jailbreaking” it. You can use VoIP software to make your iPod Touch a phone via a WiFi connection. My personal favorite is Skype. With Skype, there is very little difference in an iPhone and the iPod Touch 4g. You can free (or very cheap) local and international calls using VoIP software and it’s quick and easy to set up.

How to Turn Your iPod into a PDA

The iPod eliminates the need for multiple devices. All in one sleek and slim design, you can get a plethora of features and capabilities, to include personal organization. While most cell phones have basic organizers built into them, they can be bulky, confusing or too simple to use on a regular basis. But the iPod has so many apps available, that you can choose an organizational tool (or multiple tools) that make it perfect for you. In fact, just using the default programs that came with my iPod, I can import and organize contacts from my email accounts, phonebook and social networking sites all into one list. I can also set events and choose when and how I want an alarm to go off to tell me about specific events. I can organize to-do lists, grocery lists and my finances all from one place.

Turn your iPod into a Digital Recorder

With your iPod, you always have a digital recorder on hand. Whether you want to interview for a story, record your grocery list or plan a work meeting, your iPod serves as a digital recorder and allows you to do it all and then play back when you need to.

Turn Your iPod into a Personal Trainer

You can also use your iPod as a personal trainer to help you track stats, progress, and more. You can calculate calories burned, food taken in, distance logged and much more. There are so many fitness apps that you are sure to find ones that suit your personal needs and tastes. There are some that will talk to you throughout your progress so you literally feel like you have a trainer by your side pushing you on through your workout.

Make Music

Nope, it’s not just for listening to tunes; you can also use your iPod Touch for making music. There are loads of great music-making apps in the App store that help you play, write, compose and create your own music. You can find guitar tuners, mixes and more- and many of them are free.