50 Ways to Organize Your Home Using Plastic Bins

For many people, organization is key to running a smooth, chaos free household. I have discovered a great, inexpensive way to organize my home is by using shoes box sized plastic bins. You can find these bins at all major discount stores and they typically cost about 99 cents. They have become an integral component of keeping my house organized and I use them for organizing many items including baby supplies, cleaning rags, socks and toys.

The following is a list of 50 ways you can use plastic containers to organize your home.

Baby bottles, rings and nipples – Keep the kitchen cabinets clutter-free by tossing baby bottle supplies into plastic bins.

Socks – Make sock drawers tidy.

Pet treats and supplies – Use to keep your pets treats, medications, spare collars, etc. together in one place.

Drawer odds and ends – Organize small items and trinkets, such as magnets, pencils, pens, thread and other odds and ends so they aren’t one big mess in your kitchen
and bathroom drawers.

Barrettes and pony tail holders – You can even take sorting barrettes to the next level by sub-sorting by color, using ziploc bags.

Medicine – If you don’t have a medicine cabinet, store medications in a plastic bin in one of your cupboards. Make sure it’s locked up or out of children’s reach.

DVDs – DVDs fit perfectly in the shoebox sized plastic container and keep them organized.

CDs – Store either music or data CDs, or both!

Underwear – Keep your underwear together on their own side of the drawer.

Toys for the car – Keep small toys in the car for your kiddies, either on the floor or right next to their car seat.

Sewing supplies – Keep your thread, needles and other sewing supplies neatly together.

Baby bibs – Bibs can be floppy and hard to fold and maintain their shape, keep them neat with plastic containers.

Cleaning rags – Save all your rags in a storage box to reuse for all your household cleaning needs.

Sippy cup tops and valves – Your kitchen cabinets can look neat when you use plastic bins to hold sippy cup pieces.

Kool-Aid packets – Keep your kitchen cabinets neat by storing small food items, such as Kool-Aid packets

First aid kit – Store Band-Aids, antiseptic wipes, cotton balls and gauze in one handy spot.

Pacifiers – If you’re like me, you keep plenty of extra pacifiers on hand. Use a plastic container to keep them all stored in one sanitary place.

Small toys and trinkets – Organize those army men and happy meal toys.

Spare sponges – I love to stock up on sponges from the dollar store.

Puzzle pieces – It can be hard to keep puzzle pieces with their respective puzzle board; keep the pieces organized in a plastic box.

Baby burp cloths – Stack your baby’s burp cloths so that you can quickly grab one for all your spit up needs.

Diapers – This can be especially handy if you have two children in diapers. I keep my older daughter’s bin on the left and my younger daughter’s on the right, I can grab diapers in the dark in the middle of the night!

Diaper change supplies – Grab diaper rash ointment, baby powder, plastic gloves or any other items you use for diaper changes all at once.

Face towels and wash cloths – Plastic containers will help maintain organization in your linen closet.

Coupons – If you’re a “Q” clipper, keep coupons in one neat spot until you have time to sort them into our coupon organizer or binder.

Spare wallets – if you like to change out your wallet every so often, keep your backup wallets neatly packed away in plastic boxes.

Makeup – Store your makeup and brushes in a plastic container to keep them clean, ultimately keeping hour skin clearer when you use them.

Headsets and ear buds – Oh what tangled headsets we weave… wrap headsets and ear buds neatly and store them until your next jam session.

Chargers, cords and AC adapters – We all have extra laptop cords, cell phone chargers and other cord lying around the house.

Crayons – Store loose crayons, crayon boxes or both.

Perfume bottles – Keep perfume from falling over in your cabinet by packing neatly in plastic boxes.

Baby bath supplies – As you probably know, you should never leave a baby unattended during bath time. Keep all bath essentials together so they’ll be readily available for baby’s bath.

Candles – Store your extra tea lights, votive candles and tapers in a neat container.

Unsorted mail – Stack mail in a storage box until you’re ready to sit down and sift through them.

Baby food jars – If you buy large quantities of baby food in jars at once, stack and organize them neatly in your cabinet by placing them in plastic bins.

Art supplies – Store your paints, brushes and other supplies in a plastic box in between art sessions.

Baby onesies and t-shirts – Neatly organize baby’s undershirts and body suits in one spot.

Socks with no mates – When laundry is done, save any unmatched socks in a plastic bin. Hopefully their mates will turn up during your next round of laundry.

Dog shampoo supplies – You also don’t want to leave your dog unattended at bath time, but it may be because you don’t want your bathroom to become a soapy mess. Keep all doggie bath supplies readily available in

Curling irons and flat irons – Keep your curling and flat irons from taking over your counter space and cabinets. Just make sure they’ve completely cooled off before storing in a plastic bin.

Computer peripherals – Store your extra mice, memory cards, SD adapters, USB cables and more!

Neck Ties – Roll up ties and keep them neat and organized.

Shaving supplies – Place shaving cream and razors in a plastic bin and store them in your bathroom cabinet.

School supplies – Keep pens, pencils, erasers, calculators, protractors and compasses all in one spot so your kids won’t have any excuses at homework time.

Video games – Organize your video games so they don’t take over your entertainment center.

Tools – If you don’t have an official tool box, stash your screwdrivers, tape measures and hammer in a plastic bin.

Manicure supplies – Store your nail polish, emery boards and polish remover when not in use.

Travel size plastic containers – When you’re not travelling, keep your travel toothbrush, soap and toiletry containers organized.

Belts – Roll up your belts and keep them neatly tucked away.

Office supplies – Store paper clips, staples, post-it notes and binder clips in a plastic container so they’ll be readily available when you need them.