5 Websites for Arts and Crafts Lovers

There are lots of online options for buying and selling arts and crafts. Etsy has artisan shops with a wide variety of handcrafted items. Giant sites like eBay have handcrafted goods aplenty, but handmade items are mixed in with everything else. It can be hard to find what you’re looking for. There are also plenty of individual artist sites. These usually represent a single artisan selling a single craft.

These 5 arts and crafts sites don’t fit any of the above categories. They are neither big nor extremely well known, although you may have found them by chance. They are worth the time it takes to check them out, as each has something a little bit different to offer.

Native Motif – Nativemotif.com

Nativemotif.com operates their artisan site like a consignment shop. They showcase trendy handcrafted items from select artists and crafters. Each artisan has their own area with items on sale.

Customers choose crafts then check out at a single point of sale for all artists and crafters. The site accepts major credit cards processed through Paypal.com. Check for available codes for customer discounts.

Native Motif artists do not pay a monthly fee for their listings. The site takes a 30% commission once an item is sold.

I Craft – Icraft.ca

This Canadian site is for “Crafters without borders.” They sell from artisans around the world. Buyers and sellers must register. Each user has a “my account” page with information on site transactions.

Customers purchase items from individual sellers. All transactions are handled by icraft.ca. Credit card payments go through Paypal.com

Sellers pay a one time $25 registration fee and a monthly seller fee. (payable in Canadian dollars) Your monthly fee is based on the number of active listings. Registered artisans have a “personalized creator exhibit” with a domain name: icraft.ca/artisan. You list your items. Icraft notifies you when an item sells.

Blue Fuzzy Slippers – FuzzB.com

The developers of Blue Fuzzy Slippers wanted to offer video, social networking and sales all in one site. Crafters may lease store space, interact with customers, upload videos and many other activities. You’ll find artists and crafters on the site, but Fuzzb.com also allows anyone to sell anything.

Buyers don’t have to register. Simply click and purchase from multiple sellers. Credit cards are processed via Paypal.

The site offers handcrafted goods, but a seller can showcase any product, service, coupon or anything else. The $5 fee ($25 a year paid upfront) includes everything, no commissions. There are optional upgrades.

The Handmade Craft Show – handmadecraftshow.com

This Craft site uses the lingo of a genuine craft show. Participating artists showcase their wares from online “booths” at a “virtual craft show.” Booths are arranged along “aisles” and offer an artsy/craftsy selection from contemporary to steampunk.

Browse “aisles” A, B or C of a “virtual craftshow.” If you see something you like, a link will take you to the seller’s site or online store to see more and complete your transaction.

Booth “rental” varies based on aisle location and the length of your rental agreement. Each artisan has a 9 picture photo gallery of work on the site. Each booth has a link to an artisan website or online seller like Etsy, Fuzzb, icraft and others. There is a separate aisle for Etsy Minies.

Honey Creek Market – honeycreekmarket.com
If you love country crafts, you’ll find lots of them at Honey Creek Market. The description says it’s a registry of “primitive, country and/or modern crafts,” but the site’s homespun look is decidedly country. Honeycreekmarket.com is an advertising site, marketing individual and craft market sites like Etsy and also eBay stores.

Search through ads and banners for a crafter that looks interesting. When you click the ad, it takes you to the a craft site or online craft mall.. There you can browse and make purchases.

Honeycreekmarket.com offers advertising for fees beginning at 1.50 per month. They advertise your business on their site. You must also place their banner on your site. They market only family friendly businesses.

Craft Gawker – craftgawker.com

There are no sellers or buyers at craftgawker.com. As the name implies, this site is perfect for craft lovers who just want to look. Artists and crafters upload photos to their “crafts blogs.” The site reviews and posts selections for art and craft lovers to enjoy. A visitor to craftgawker.com can gawk as much as they choose and get inspired to create or buy someplace else.


Blue Fuzzy Slippers: http://fuzzb.com/


Honey Creek Market: http://www.honeycreekmarket.com/

The Handmade Craft Show: http://handmadecraftshow.com/)

Native Motif: http://nativemotif.com/

I Craft – Icraft.ca