5 Ways to Transform Your Bedroom on a Budget

For nearly a year, I have been working on decorating my bedroom, but haven’t gotten very far due to a very limited budget. To begin, I am working with what I have and have been slowly adding my personal touches as I can – this is the first rule to follow as you transform your bedroom on a budget. Start with the necessities: a place to sleep and somewhere to keep your clothes. Then work your way from there.

1. Make a custom headboard. Since they can be expensive to buy new, why not make your own headboard? It will give your bedroom a unique look, and you will save money for other things. Use a jigsaw to cut a scroll design into plywood, then paint it with furniture enamel to achieve a finished look. Or, get creative by using items you already have around the house: old doors, oversize artwork, curtain panels and so on.

2. Choose bedding on a budget. Since I still haven’t purchased new covers for my bed, I am forced to use what I already own. Until you find the perfect set on sale, use sheets and blankets that fit in with your color scheme; mix and match solids and patterns for a unique look. Throw an afghan over the end of the bed for texture. Then place decorative pillows over your existing ones to spruce up the focal point of the room – the bed.

3. Reuse furniture. So long as they are still usable, keep your old dresser and bedside tables. You can give your furniture a fresh look with new handles or knobs and a coat of paint or stain. When I moved into my first apartment, my mom let me borrow an old dresser, and I coated it with a fresh coat of white paint. When painting previously stained pieces, make sure to sand and wipe them clean before covering the furniture with enamel.

4. Rotate the accessories. Although they are not necessities, even the decorations you choose for your bedroom will reflect who you are. But to save money, accessorize the room with fun pieces you already own, from high school trophies to souvenirs from your travels. I have dozens of little knick-knacks, and not enough space – so, I keep the excess items in a plastic bin. When the current pieces start to get dusty, I replace them with something fresh from the storage.

5. Paint your walls. You have probably heard it dozens of times, but I’ll say it again: “Painting your walls is the easiest way to transform your bedroom on a budget.” Whether you choose an energizing yellow or a calming blue, the wall color(s) can set the entire mood in your room. Begin with the rest of your room – bedding, rugs, furniture, etc. – and choose your wall color last. There are literally thousands of paint colors available, so you will be able to match the paint to nearly any color in your bedroom; you will not have such luck matching your decor to the walls.

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