5 Ways to Tell If She is Really into You

So much time and energy has gone in to helping women of all ages figure out whether or not a man really cares about them. My philosophy is, if you have to ask, he probably doesn’t. However, where is all the literature and advice for men on this subject? Are men’s egos just too big to ask how to tell if a woman likes him or not? Just like many other things in life, there is a definite sexist approach to dating. It’s the approach that says men hold the cards in determining the livelihood and the length of a relationship. However, as many of us know, women can be just as manipulative and conniving when playing the relationship game. So, this article is designed to help all the good men out there try to figure out whether or not a woman is really into him. Unlike men, if a woman is using you, it’s rarely for sex only. If you’re being used, it could be for attention, money, or validation.

She doesn’t respond to your calls or texts right away. If a woman is using you, oh she’ll respond, but not in a timely manner. It may take a few hours for her to get to your voicemail or text message. Usually, when she does respond, it’s brief and lacking in content. You might think “well, if she didn’t like me she would just ignore me completely.” Unfortunately guys, that’s just not true. Women are much more likely to want to keep you on the back burner just in case of emergency.

She won’t hang out without a group of people. You may ask a girl on what you think is a date, drinks at a local pub. Don’t be surprised if she shows up with three of her girlfriends on her arm and then doesn’t even sit by you. Yes, you will still be expected to buy her drinks, so don’t let that dating ritual fool you at all. However, if she doesn’t want the discomfort of being alone with you she’ll be bringing a pack of vaginas with her to make sure you don’t try any funny stuff.

She always seems to call at the very moment you’re moving on. No this isn’t some sort of psychic response, she has simply read your Facebook page and realized you aren’t calling her as often as you were. You see, just because she doesn’t want you, doesn’t mean she wants anyone else to have you. Brutal, huh?

She avoids the relationship talk at all costs. Chances are, unless she’s just an idiot, she knows how you feel about her. And she can sense when you feel the need to establish the dynamics of your relationship. Don’t even be surprised if the very moment you start to ask her where she is in the relationship, she breaks out into tears over something completely unrelated. On the other hand, if she’s only slightly more mature, she will ease your ego by saying “I don’t want to be in a relationship, but I like spending time with you.” The same rule applies for everyone here; if someone wants to be with you, NOTHING will stop them.

She’s not sleeping with you. There is no way to say this in a politically correct manner. If a woman likes you and is sexually attracted to you, she will have sex with you. It may not be within the first few weeks, but she will sleep with you. The only exception is if she’s a born-again virgin, or has never had sex at all. However, if she isn’t feeling you, you won’t be getting anywhere near her panties. Do not be fooled by the instigation that she wants to develop the relationship much more. Men just like to have sex. Women like to have sex with men they love. It may seem like a big difference, but it really isn’t.

This list is small, but says a lot. The truth is the same for men as it is for women. If a person likes you, you will not need to spend a moment wondering. They will call when they say they will. They will show up when you ask them to. They will not do anything to make you feel like you are trying too hard. If you have to ask yourself if a woman is into you, she isn’t. Sad, hopelessly sad, but true.