5 Ways to See Movies for Free

Movie prices these days commonly exceed $10.00, especially with the surcharge for 3-D and IMAX films. Moviegoers increasingly must find a way to save some money at the box office. Of course, there are various ways a person can save a few bucks here and there, such as choosing the 2-D version of a 3-D movie or skipping the concession stand. However, a person can do even more and see their movies for free. It won’t work every time, but there are various ways a person can get into the movies for free and without doing anything illegal, like sneaking into the theater.

Sign up for Film Metro and Nielsen Movie View.
Both Film Metro and Nielsen Movie View are free services that allow a person to see a new release without paying a dime. For Film Metro, a person simply orders a free movie ticket that they then download. Nielsen Movie View works similarly, but members receive invites to movie premiers that they must RSVP to. Still, a ticket or RSVP doesn’t guarantee a person’s admittance into the theater because advanced screenings are always overbooked to ensure that theaters are filled up by the time the movie plays.

Watch out for film promoters outside of movie theaters.
At some theaters, there are often film promoters who are looking for screen testers, who essentially get to see movies for free. You might be required to fill out a comment card or give your thoughts after the film though. Sometimes, you might get a guaranteed ticket to see a movie in advance, but it usually works out where you have to get to the showing early in order to get into the film premier. Still, you don’t have to pay a thing and it is pretty easy to spot film promoters because they will be looking for people like you.

Listen to the radio and join radio station programs.
Almost every popular radio station has a rewards program or something similar where listeners can get codes to get points on a website. From there, these points can be redeemed for tons of different things, including tickets to advanced screenings. Like the other methods, actual seats at the premiers are on a first-come-first-serve basis, so you have to get there early. These advanced tickets are still a great way to see a film a week or two before it comes out. You don’t have to pay a thing and you can earn points while listening to the radio like you already do!

Work at a movie theater.
Of course, movie theater employees get to see free movies. Each theater has a different policy for employees, but an employee can usually see any movie at any time as long as the theater isn’t sold out. A movie theater worker could feasibly catch a movie before work and after work every day. Without a doubt, this is a great way to see every new release whenever you want to. You don’t get paid to watch the movies, but you do get paid to work at the theater with the added benefit of free movies and sometimes free concession stand items!

Sign up for movie theater rewards cards.
Almost every major movie theater company offers a rewards card that can be used at that company’s theaters. Of course, you accrue points for buying movie tickets and buying concession stand items. You will earn a free movie once you hit a certain amount of points on your card. Unfortunately, you won’t be getting to see tons of free movies each year, but you can easily earn 3 or 4 free movie passes. You already go to the movies, so you should definitely get the rewards card so that you can get a little something extra for free every once in awhile.

Free movies aren’t a myth, but there are some catches.

Most people should expect some downsides to free movies. You will usually have to get there early to actually get into an advanced screening, even if you have a ticket to the film because it isn’t a guaranteed seat. Other times, you have to pay to see a bunch of movies before you can see one for free. Still, there are ways to see free movies if you are willing to get there early or pay for other movies. There is such a thing as a free movie, and you should take advantage of them whenever you can. For starters, you can see the movie before it comes out in many cases. Try it out sometime!

For more information on seeing a movie for free, visit Film Metro, Nielsen Movie View, and Theater Rewards Programs.