5 Ways the Lazy Can Go Green

If you want to do your part for the environment but you find many of the ways to “go green” just too complicated, here are some simple yet effective ways to green your life with very little effort or expense on your part.

5 ways the lazy can go green:

Reduce food waste: Skip buying organic and eco-friendly foods all the time and just reduce your food waste as much as possible. Not everyone can afford an all-organic diet and sometimes green food preparation can be a real hassle. But you can still go green in your diet by reducing the food waste that you have. Shop smart and cut down on portion sizes. Reduce the amount of meat you eat, especially red meat.

Reduce your purchases: It doesn’t help to buy eco friendly when you just buy too much stuff. The green label might make you feel better but it’s not doing much for the environment, really. Eco friendly products have become trendy these days and nearly every product will boast these claims now. The real way to go green is just to cut back on how much you are buying in the first place. It takes no effort to just not buy it; perfect for the lazy shopper.

You don’t need to drive a hybrid: It isn’t necessary to buy a hybrid just to go green with your driving. The first and easiest step you can take is to try to drive less. Carpool and get multiple errands done in one trip when you can. When it’s time to buy a new car, just get the most fuel-efficient vehicle in the class that you seek. Maintain the vehicle regularly and it will continue to be efficient for many years.

Save energy in the home: One way that you will hear to save energy in the home is to unplug all electronics while not in use. Sure, it sounds like a good idea but how practical is it for the average busy and/or lazy person? Not so much… it’s one of those things you decide to do but never really follow through with. Instead, remember to turn out the lights when you leave a room. That’s an easier one to remember. Wash your clothes in cold water and try to hang them out to dry whenever you can. Use energy-saving appliances whenever possible. These are all lazy-friendly approaches to going green and they add up.

Give it away: Sometimes recycling can be a pain, especially if your city does not offer a doorstep recycling program. Remember the 3 R’s of green living- reduce, reuse and recycle? You can get off easier by just giving away that junk you don’t want or need any more instead of trying to recycle it. There are people out there just dying to have your free stuff. There are even donation centers and other programs that will come right to your house and pick up your unwanted stuff. It doesn’t get any easier than that!