5 Ways My Life Changed After Becoming a Parent

Parenthood is a true experience, an unforgettable journey, one that’s incomparable to anything else in life. Parenthood is about utter and complete selflessness, love, and going that extra mile. Sometimes it’s hard to do everything exactly the way you dreamed it, but the road getting there is full of fun, laughs, and silly moments that is like no other. These moments are where memories are made, moments that will make and define the rest of your life. More importantly it defines your child’s life.

Here are the five ways my life has changed since becoming a parent.

1) – I truly became an adult. There’s nothing like having a child to make a person fully grow up. I’ve always had a job and the like but living on your own and holding down a job doesn’t really make you an adult. Growing up doesn’t happen overnight, but gradually over time spent being a parent you learn to stop being a child yourself, put yourself on a schedule, go to sleep early at night to be rested for the following day, you stop partying, and finally care about someone more than you can about yourself. You aren’t really an adult until you do these things I suppose. Life is certainly more interesting this way. Being an adult is more than an age, and I don’t think anyone is truly an adult until they have the responsibilities of parenthood. It’s about loving someone more than you love yourself.

2) – I learned true fearlessness. Many probably think I’ve always been that way, but honestly, I fully became fearless when I had a child and especially after. I use to be scared to “speak up” or stand out – now I make sure that I do because not only do I need to be a protector for my child, but I realize being a good example is equally as important. And nothing stands in my way.

3) – I care more about myself, people, and the world. Before having a kid it was all about me and my problems, once you become a parent you learn to put that in the backseat. Your focus becomes all about your child’s happiness and well being. It also makes me want to make more of a difference in this world, provide a safe and secure environment for my daughter, and more than ever I feel incredibly protective of children.

4) – Patience is a virtue. With children you strive to have the patience it takes to make stable children. It’s very hard at times I can’t deny that and I don’t always succeed, but I always try. I’ve learned a ton of patience that I never had before. Not all problems can be solved in two seconds either and the waiting is the hardest part, but some things take time. As parents we aren’t magical magician’s who solve problems at the wave of a wand. But it gets done in its own time, as it should.

5) – A broader range of appreciation. Things that I took for granted when I was childless I now see and appreciate. From a quiet, reflective moment to a pretty blue sky – I notice things I never paid much attention to before.

There is no experience like parenthood. Seeing my daughter happy, well balanced, and cared for makes my day – everyday. She is fearless, smart, beautiful, has all my good and bad habits, she’s a joy and at times a beautiful disaster, but she’s all mine and I wouldn’t have it any other way. She is the best thing to ever happen to me. And that’s the way it should be.