5 Ways for Consultants to Find Home-Based Businesses That Need Help

Home-based business owners that are seeking help in this economy are like desperate patients seeking the care of a doctor. So if you are a consultant seeking to help an entrepreneur this is the market for you. With so many people being out of work it is natural response for them to try the home-based business arena. In April 2011 the unemployment rate rose to 9.0 percent from 8.8 percent, according to a May 6, 2011 report by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Finding small businesses in search of help won’t be difficult.

Chambers of Commerce

Chambers of commerce are usually a good place to start when it comes to finding entrepreneurs in need. These organizations are typically set up for the providing periodic meeting places specifically for small business owners to network and exchange ideas. They usually involve small business owners as speakers, vendors or volunteers during their meetings.

Community Development Organizations

Community development organizations in some cases receive federal, state and local funding just to support the efforts of struggling entrepreneurs. They typically provide conferences, workshops and other special events designed to educate small business owners in various areas of their operations. They even give entrepreneurs a chance to meet up with larger businesses that need them as sub-contracting partners on large contracts.

College Business Development Centers

Local college business development centers take a stronger academic approach when bringing entrepreneurs together. Many of their group gatherings bring in top business executives, top educators in their fields, and other successful entrepreneurs to teach classes on a periodic basis. Their goal is to use businesses to educate businesses, and therefore, offers a wonderful opportunity for someone trying to find home-based businesses that need help.

Small Business Development Centers

Small Business Development Centers are usually targeted organizations that help specific groups of people. Some of them focus on women, minorities, people with disabilities, IT professionals and other specialized groups. They receive funding from private corporations, philanthropic foundations and government agencies to provide ongoing consulting services and training for individuals who are starting or managing existing businesses.

Small Business Administration

The U.S. Small Business Administration provides education and training at the federal level. They offer various training modules to the public through offices nationwide. They provide various networking events of their own. They also partner with other civic agencies to provide training, federal contract opportunities, and award ceremonies for successful entrepreneurs. Their multiple events provide plenty of opportunities for those looking to assist other businesses.