5 Warning Signs that You Should Quit Your Job

We all experience job stress at some time or another, but how do you know when it’s time to actually take action and quit your job? Keep a look out of these five warning signs that will let you know that the time has finally arrived.

1 – You Aren’t Getting Any Respect

You should always take yourself seriously as a person, and that can be hard when you have a condescending boss who never thinks you’re doing a good enough job. Sometimes even coworkers can band together to make you feel inferior, and if that’s the case then you should leave and find another job where you can feel respected as both a worker and a person. Women especially often have a hard time being taken seriously in the workplace, but take heart! The times are changing and you can always find another job where you are treated as an equal.

2 – You Are Being Downgraded

This might happen all at once or it might be a gradual process, but if you start to feel like many of your responsibilities are being taken away from you, then you know it’s time to quit your job. Advancing in a career means taking on more tasks and responsibilities, not having them disappear. Sometimes a boss will start marginalizing you as an underhanded way of convincing you to leave. Talk to him or her about it, but sometimes the best option is just to leave.

3 – You Hate Your Job

This is probably the biggest warning sign of all, but unfortunately the majority of people will continue to trudge away at a thankless dead end job because, well, it’s a job. This point of view will never make you happy in the end, so if you simply can’t stand your job anymore, just quit and find something you really enjoy doing. It’s your life, and there are plenty of opportunities out there to find happiness and an income.

4 – You’ve Earned a Bad Reputation

Admit it, sometimes we just do the wrong thing, and in a job site that reputation can stick around. Whether it’s missing too many days of work, failing to complete tasks, insulting a coworker, or just being a complete jerk in general, your reputation is unlikely to change once it has been established. This is a warning sign that maybe a fresh start wouldn’t be such a bad idea.

5 – Your Company is Taking Heavy Hits

Although they may seem sturdy and dependable, most companies are actually walking a thin line between failure and “getting by.” If you start to notice that your company is downsizing a lot, laying off employees, taking huge hits in their profit margin, or showing signs that bankruptcy is just around the corner, get out now. Quitting your job in this circumstance can save you a a lot of grief when you suddenly get hit with unemployment and have no plan for it. Enron anyone?

The biggest reason most people stay at their jobs for too long is fear, but you don’t have to let it affect you. Plan your next job, send out resumes, and start taking steps to quit your job if you start to notice any of these warning signs.