5 Video Games that Tricked You into Playing Real Life

Video games are the great escape. Games help us get away from our mundane woes and into an all-new world filled with fun and excitement. Unfortunately some games are pulling wool over your eyes, and following are the five games that tricked you into playing real life.

The Sims

TheSims is the ultimate life simulator; so good, in fact, that you’re pretty much swapping your life to care for your virtual Sims character. Playing the Sims consists of running your character back and forth to work, making sure it eats, craps, baths, all while still having enough energy to have fun and enjoy a social life. Sound familiar? The Sims seems like a fun game, but are you playing the Sims or is the Sims playing you?

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

The Grand Theft Auto (GTA) series is notorious for making gamers waste away valuable hours of their lives, but Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas takes the cake for not only being a huge time killer, but for also forcing you to do just about everything you’d have to do in the real world. In GTA: San Andreas, you played as Carl Johnson (CJ) and while trying to get your GTA on, you’ll constantly have to stop to feed, dress, workout, and build relationships with others.

Animal Crossing

Animal Crossing isn’t a game, it’s an alternate life. In Animal Crossing the in-game time is the real world time (including holidays), there are no defined objectives (like in real life), there are lots of real-time activities that can only be done during certain times of day (keep in mind that this a real-time game), and if you commit the offense of not playing Animal Crossing for too many days, your house will be plagued with roaches and a host of other problems will occur.

Cooking Mama

Cooking Mama is one the most popular games on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS – and is a game that my wife and children go bonkers over – but all while they’re overly occupied with this cooking sim, I can’t help but feel that their efforts would be put to better use in the real kitchen. Cooking Mama might have colorful graphics, quirky controls and cutesy commentary, but in reality, you’re just doing kitchen duties.

Harvest Moon

It’s a struggle to get my children to do their chores, but they have absolutely no problem playing Harvest Moon where the objective of the game is to bust rocks, chop down trees, plant and water produce, milk cows, feed chickens, and to pretty much do as much as possible before the protagonist literally passes out from exhaustion. Harvest Moon isn’t a farm simulation game, it’s virtual spring cleaning.

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