5 Video Game Systems from the 1980’s

We all know about the video game consoles we have these days, the PS3, Xbox, and so on. We have come along way from the earlier generation gaming consoles, as graphics, controllers, and many other major components, have continued to get better and better of the years. When video game consoles were originally widely released in the 1970’s, it seemed like the greatest thing ever. Then in the 1980’s, companies took the gaming experience to new heights, by releasing new and improved gaming consoles with more features. It was the beginning of a new video game generation, since its popularity, reached levels 2-3 times what the game console companies had expected. Here are 5 of the most popular gaming consoles from the 1980’s, lets see which ones you remember.

5 Video Game Systems From The 80’s

Intellivision – This video game console was publicly released in 1980, although some units were released for testing, in late 1979. The unit used a 12 button numeric keypad, which had serious reliability problems, but it still sold over 3 million units. With the popularity of the unit, Mattel eventually released, a total of a 125 games. In 2009, Intellivision was named the 14th “Greatest Video Game Console of All-time”, by the video game website IGN.

Atari 5200 – Released in 1982, the Atari 5200 was the higher end complementary console, for it’s very popular Atari 2600 console. The controllers featured an analog joystick with numeric keypad, with the convenience of a start, pause, and reset button. The controller was one of the main factors Atari promoted with the unit, since it had 360-degree movement, instead of the typical four position movement of other controllers. It was named the 23rd “Greatest Video Game Console of All-time”, in 2009, by the video game website IGN.

ColecoVision– This second generation video game console by Coleco, was released in 1982, and fast become one of the top favorite units of the decade. The unit offered arcade quality graphics, a similar controller to the Intellivision console, except it had a 1 ½ inch joystick, a set of side buttons, along with the numeric keypad. The video game website IGN, named it the 12th “Greatest Video Game Console of All-time”, in 2009.

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) – In 1983, the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) was released, and it quickly became the most popular game console on the market. It basically took the industry by storm, as it took the gaming console too levels never seen before. It offered graphics superior to any previous gaming units, and simple multi-function controller, a wide variety of popular games including many made from movie and cartoons, and so many more extras (my favorite was the gun controller used for games such as Duck Hunt). In 2009, The (NES) was named the #1 “Greatest Video Game Console of All-time”, by IGN.

Sega Master System – Released in 1985, the Sega Master System (SMS), was expected to take over video gaming industry (which was strongly controlled by Nintendo). The system was technically superior to all gaming units of the time, even the NES, but unfortunately it was no match for Nintendo’s popularity. It eventually became the second most popular game console of its time, eventually selling over, 13 million units.

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