5 Video Game Systems from the 1970’s

We all know about the video game consoles we have these days, the PS3, Xbox, and so on. We have come along way from the first generation gaming consoles, that were introduced to the world, but do you remember what those video games used to be like? Do you remember game paddles, instead of these 10+ button controllers we have now? How about the fact that there were very few games back then, with some consoles only having, 2 or 3? If you don’t remember, or it was just simply before your time, here’s what video games used to be like in the 1970’s.

5 Video Game Systems From The 70’s

Odyssey 200 – This game console by Magnavox, was released in 1975, three years after their first version the Odyssey was released. The updated console, included a non-digital on-screen scoring system, and a 3rd game. It was the first console to feature wither 2 or 4 player options.

Coleco Telstar – This video game console was released in 1976, came with two paddle controllers that were connected to the unit, and included three different pong games (hockey, handball, and tennis).

Fairchild Channel F – Released in 1976 by Fairchild Semiconductor, the Fairchild Channel F, was the first programmable Rom cartridge-based video game console. It was also the first system that had a “hold” button, that allowed you to freeze the game, just like the pause menus we have these days. The system eventually had a total of 26 cartridges, which they called Videocarts, before the system became extinct.

Atari 2600 – Released in 1977, this video game console started a whole new standard for game consoles to come. It was credited with popularizing the use of a microprocessor-based hardware and cartridges containing game code. The console was packaged with two joystick, 2 paddle controllers, and a game cartridge (initially Combat, and then the infamous Pacman).

Super Vision 8000 – This video game console was released in 1979, it was the second generation of consoles released by, Bandai. The Super Vision 8000, used a central 8-bit CPU, 16 colors, and a three channel sound audio chip. The video game console only included 7 games, Missile Vader, Othello, Space Fire, PacPacBird, Submarine, Gun Professional, and Beam Galaxian.

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