5 Vegan Baseball Treats

Spring is here, and baseball season is just around the corner. Usually there is fare like bratwurst, hotdogs, and beer, but for vegans finding delicious alternatives to those staples can be a challenge. Here is a list of five must-have items for the baseball-loving vegan who wants to bring the food either to a game or to a tailgate party:

Portabella mushroom burgers

Dining on portabella mushroom burgers is a delicious alternative to beef burgers, and are healthier for you, too. You could put them on regular sesame seed buns, or on ciabatta bread. To make them taste even better the mushrooms can first be saut é ed in balsamic-vinegar olive oil, then paired with arugula lettuce and sun-dried tomatoes on a toasted ciabatta-bread bun.

Veggie trays

Veggie trays are a must for the socialite because everyone can share from it and chat. They can be filled up with staples like crunchy celery and carrots, juicy olives, grape tomatoes, roma tomatoes, mild radishes, and much, much more. To top it off you can place a vegan hummus dip in the center for a nutritious taste treat.

Wheatberry veggie salad

Wheatberry veggie salad is an excellent vegan alternative to meat salads. It includes ingredients like cooked wheat berries, pecans, olive oil, apples, cranberries, raspberry vinegar, and a touch of salt and pepper. It is very healthy because it contains fruits of all colors in it, and has lots of protein per serving from the nuts. It can be served either cold or room-temperature.

Skewered veggie shish kebabs

Grilled skewered veggie kebabs can be great fun for everyone at a tailgate party. You can use potato slices, green pepper or red pepper, zucchini, onions, and tomatoes. It is an excellent social food because people can chat while they build their ‘kebab. You can also bring those ingredients to the party and let everyone make their own kebab before you put it on the grill!

Vegan wine and beer

For drinks there is water, tea, and vegan beer and wine. Tea can easily be brewed in large quantities for the party and stored in a cooler. The vegan beer and wine is processed using in an alternative fashion that does not use animal bone like their conventional counterparts.

A vegan tailgate party can be just as fun as a regular one. The meals can be nutritious, colorful, and social for your guests. Dig into those fresh veggies and enjoy a great time with your friends this baseball season!

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