5 Unique Ways to Give to Charity

Tons of people donate to charity each year in all different kinds of ways. Of course, it’s a good deed to donate and the money or items can help out those in need around the world. There are charities for thousands of different causes. Some charities are more popular than others. Either way, a person that donates to charity is doing good for someone else that isn’t as fortunate as they are. Here are some unique ways to donate to charity.

Use GoodSearch when you need to search the Internet.
By using GoodSearch, a person can select a charity to support. A person raises money for that charity by searching with GoodSearch. Obviously, this is a free and simple way to give to one of hundreds of different charities. The search engine is run by Yahoo!, so it is a legitimate way to donate to charity. People already use search engines like Google to do their searches, but GoodSearch actually does something for others. Sure, you won’t raise thousands and thousands of dollars, but each search will give just a little bit more to the charity of your choice.

Give to charity when you make a sale on eBay.
eBay Giving Works allows a person to send a certain percentage of their sales, from 10% to 100%, to one of many possible charities. Of course, these donations are tax-deductable, and sellers will receive a small credit on their seller fees for eBay sales. This is a great way for sellers to give a little bit of their sales to charity, which can help out an individual charity greatly. No limit exists on how many sales you can make that go to charity, so you should check this program out the next time you want to donate to charity.

Donate frequent flier miles to charity.
Of course, thousands of people have frequent flier miles sitting around that they don’t use. Frequent flier miles have lost their usefulness in recent years as programs get stricter and free flights are harder to obtain. You can donate your frequent flier miles to charity through most redemption sites for your frequent flier miles. Without a doubt, a few thousand frequent flier miles can translate into some great funds for charities to use. Frequent flier miles shouldn’t just be sitting there when they can be donated to charity!

Send your old electronics to get recycled.
Recycling for Charity will take your old electronics, recycle them, and donate some funds to various charities. Around the country, plenty of people have old cellular devices and electronic devices that are just sitting there and collecting dust. You can donate these old devices to help out one of many charities. Plus, plenty of other places and organizations will donate money to charity whenever an electronic device is recycled. Don’t just let your old devices sit around.

Get your hair chopped off in the name of charity.
There are various charities out there that will take your hair to make dolls for children or create wigs out of the hair. Either way, you can donate your hair to charity. Most of these charities require your hair to be a certain length, but it’s simple to donate your locks! Guys and gals alike will get most of their hair chopped off. Fortunately, some charities will pay you for your kindness, while others will just take your hair and give you a great thanks. It shouldn’t matter what you get for your donation though.

Donate to charity!

There are so many different ways to donate to charity that a person shouldn’t have any excuse to not do so. In the end, those that donate to charity are helping out the less fortunate. So many charities exist that a person will undoubtedly be able to find one that they support. You should donate regularly then. Fortunately, you can donate money, food, or other items, which gives you plenty of options. Try donating to your favorite charities today!

For more information, visit GoodSearch, Care2’s Click to Donate, and Recycling for Charity.