5 Unique First Anniversary Dates

First anniversary around the corner and can’t think of a unique date idea? Don’t get stuck in a rut with boring and uninspired dates. Just because you’ve been together for a year, doesn’t mean that you can fall back on the standard dinner date. Prove to your partner, that you’re still in madly in love, and plan one of these unique date ideas for your first anniversary today!

Romantic dinner at home. Buy all the ingredients for your spouse’s favorite meal. Make a homemade “menu”, and include special stories about why you choose each course. If your first date was at an Italian restaurant where you shared a delicious Tiramisu, make Tiramisu and include a story about something funny or memorable that happened on your first date. Reliving memories is a good way to feel connected on a first anniversary.

Night at the movies. If your sweetie is a movie buff, a “night at the movies date” is a perfect gift and first anniversary date all in one. Buy several of her favorite movies and put them in a basket with some microwave popcorn, cans of soda and boxes of her favorite candy. Make some handmade movie tickets on your computer and add some inspired quotes or prose about the two of you. Spend the night having a fun movie marathon.

Picnic in the Park. Picnics are a perfect first anniversary date. Pack a picnic basket with a blanket, tasty foods and desserts and a good bottle of wine. If it’s cold or rainy, you can have the picnic in your living room. For ambience, bring your iPod with a mix of her favorite music. Have fun feeding each other and sharing memories about your first year together.

Learn something new together. If your spouse loves learning, then he will love a first anniversary date where you try something new together. If your spouse has been dying to take ballroom dancing lessons, or learn how to spin pottery, you should schedule a lesson. Even if it’s something you don’t think you’ll enjoy doing, you should give it a try for your partner. Who knows? You might really enjoy the new activity, and even if you don’t, you’ll definitely score bonus points for trying.

Volunteer. Spend your first anniversary helping others. Find a local charity that you both support and spend some time feeding homeless families, walking shelter dogs, or washing an elderly neighbor’s car. You’ll both feel great helping others and it will give you a new perspective about the importance of being thankful for having someone who supports you through good times and bad.