5 Toy Stores to Visit on Your New York City Vacation

Shopping in New York City can be fun for children of all ages. Although New York City is one of the biggest cities in the world, it is still child-friendly and home to some of the most famous toy stores in the world, such as American Girl, Toys “R” Us and FAO Schwarz. The key to planning your New York shopping spree is to plan which stores you want to visit and get there early to avoid the crowd. The best suggestion is to start at Toys “R” Us and work your way uptown.

Toys “R” Us

Located in the heart of Times Square, the Toys “R” Us flagship store boasts a 60-foot Ferris wheel and seemingly endless rows of popular toys. Most of the company’s famous brands are represented in this store, including Babies “R” Us and Geoffrey’s Universe. This huge store is always crowded, so get there early to avoid the crowds. After you are done, head over to the Disney Store.

The Disney Store

What child does not fantasize about his or her favorite Disney characters? The Disney Store has moved from its Fifth Avenue location to Times Square at Broadway and 45th Street. However, despite the location change, this store is still home to all of your favorite Disney memorabilia such as wallets, lunch boxes, beach towels and books. Visit Disneystore.com for additional information. From 45th Street and Broadway, you can walk over to Fifth Avenue and 46th Street to Build-A-Bear Workshop.

Build-A-Bear Workshop

Few things are more symbolic of childhood than teddy bears. At Build-A-Bear, you and your child can create a personalized teddy bear. In addition, Build-a-Bear allows you to pick out your own bear outfits and enjoy special events. For additional options and information, click here to visit the website.

American Girl

Build-A-Bear and the American Girl store are located within blocks of each other. American Girl is on Fifth Avenue and 49th Street. The ubiquitous doll that every little girl wants has a store designed to suit her doll’s every need. There is an American Girl Doll hospital, Doll salon, Photo Studio and Cafe. Plan to spend several hours or the whole day at this store. For hours, special events, cafe reservations, and directions, click here. If you continue to walk along Fifth Avenue, you will reach FAO Schwarz at 59th Street.

FAO Schwarz

Located on Fifth Avenue and 59th Street, behind the Apple Store, FAO Schwarz is a magical place for children of all ages. Toy soldiers guard the doors to one of the world’s most famous toy stores where your favorite toys mingle with yummy candy treats in FAO Schweetz. Be sure to bring your camera and your wallet. Visit FAO.com for more information.

Even if you do not have children or would prefer to use your vacation money on other items, these famous toy stores are great places to visit. You can walk around the Disney Store or ride the Ferris Wheel in Toys “R” Us. If you have a sweet tooth, buy some candy at FAO Schweetz. Whatever your interests, these toys stores are sure to appeal to the child in you.