5 Top Funny Tips & Stories from a Hair Stylist

Cutting hair has it’s rewards. I’ve compiled some of my most funny stories, and top tips and secrets. Whether you are a hairdresser, thinking about becoming one or just interested in a funny story, you have come to the right place. Let’s talk hair!

The biggest obstacle I had to overcome…

When I first began cutting hair, I always did so well on the right side of the persons head, I mean, I really took my time. But every time I would switch sides, it just felt all backwards to me. I found myself holding the scissors all weird and silly. I would have to toil over the left side. By the time I was finished, the person getting their hair cut was almost asleep. It was really bad.

Luckily all turned out well, and six weeks later they would let me cut their hair again. That is the main thing; a happy customer!

The worst thing I ever did…

The worst thing I ever did involved my own hair. I waited until the day before my wedding to cut my bangs. I was so excited, and nervous, my hair must have revolted on me. My bangs shrunk. I kid you not, they really did. The big day came, and I held my head high, and enjoyed the best day of my life even with “too short” bangs.

To this day I still cringe when I see how short they were. So, there I am in tons of pictures. It was not my best look. I’m hoping people see the smile, not the bangs. Where’s a camera when you look too fabulous for words… huh?

So, word to the wise, either let someone else cut your hair for your wedding, or do it at least two weeks prior so if you make a mistake it can begin to grow back out. After all it is a nerve wracking time for most brides.

The worst thing I ever did on someone Else’s hair…

It was the first time using a new set of hair clippers. I was pretty new at using them anyway, long, long ago. I decided that I would use an attachment to make the job easier. I had never experimented with this particular attachment before so I grabbed my oldest son and made him be the guinea pig.

He had the most beautiful blond hair. It was platinum, and so shiny. I began cutting, and he moved. Zap to the head it went, and he ended up having to have a crew cut. Needless to say, I received a talking to by this little old lady at church on Sunday. “What do you mean cutting off that pretty babies hair”, she said. I told her that it would grow back. In my heart I was crossing my fingers I was right.

Yes the hair grew back but not blond, it was dark brown. I’m serious as a heart attack, it really broke my heart to see I had lost the last of the baby hair. Oh well, lessons learned the hard way stick with you forever.

I’m just glad it was not someone Else’s child. I don’t think anyone else would have let “me” off the hook.

Words to the wise…

Mothers, if you have your babies locks cut off in favor of a crew cut, there is no guarantee it will grow back the same color. If you don’t think you can deal with that then don’t ask to have a crew cut until 3-4 years of age. My son was about 2-3 years old at the time this happened to him.

Normal cuttings are fine. I say avoid that “freak out ” moment entirely, and wait on drastic cuts when your kids are small..

Bubble gum was not meant to be in the hair, but if it ends up there, use peanut butter to get it out. Just a dab of this oily substance will make the gum separate, and it will become grainy. The peanut butter will absorb the gum, and then it will just comb out. Nasty but wonderful trick!

Be careful if you ever decide to do clippers when you are used to scissors. “That bald spot will grow back Hun”, is definitely a freak out moment for your man or child, who so graciously let you cut his hair finally. He won’t be too happy he was the guinea pig. In the salon, this would be an even bigger disaster.

My pet peeves…

After you get your hair cut short, style your own hair at the salon, comb it back , whatever you like to do. This way your stylist can get that little tail that likes to form at the back of short hair. It is my pet peeve. It drives me crazy to see that. I just want to go, and snip it off when I see someone walking around like that!

Cutting someones hair who is nervous to have it cut is quite aggravating. They are constantly telling you, “don’t mess up”, while they jerk and flinch. Smile, and go on, I say. Between you and me it is hard to do. I’ll be a nervous wreck before we are done! With patience we can work through that, but wow it’s tough when you are in a situation like this.

My best kept secret…

How I pull off cutting my own hair. I’ve had hairstylist friends beg me to let them cut my hair. I kindly say no, and they are in awe over that. They just don’t get it, and frankly they cant understand how I do it.

I have had short, tight bobs, medium layers, long layers, blunt cuts, and bangs. If I wanted it, I made it happen.

The secret is three mirrors in my bathroom. Yes you heard me, three. I have two swivel mirrors on each side of two double doors that are opposite the big mirror. I can swivel them to see one side and the back of my hair, then to finish the other side I move over to the other mirror. It is the only way I could ever accomplish what I do.

If you have never cut your own hair, and you want a blunt cut on long hair, just pull your hair into a very high pony tail on top of your head and secure it with a hair band. Then, use the scissors and cut straight across the top of your pony tail as you pull it straight up in the air … over your head. You will end up with layers in the bottom sections when in a pony tail, and straight at the bottom when it hangs down. Of course you can always ask for someone to straighten out the ends for you, to make sure everything came out even.


There is allot of joy in cutting or styling someone Else’s hair. Cutting hair requires skill and coordination. If you are not coordinated at all, cutting hair may not be for you. Creativity plays a big role as well. You have to be able to visualize the cut on the person. If you think being a hair stylist is the main career you would like, be ready to learn patience and perfectionism. The smiles on the faces of those you help is worth the hard work! Find you a guinea pig, see if you have it in you… or bypass this, and go for it, and get your degree! I hope these top tips, and funny stories have encouraged you to think about becoming a stylist.