5 Tips to Build a Better Video

The use of online video is proven to increase sales, time spent on your website and reduced returns from online purchases. It’s one of the hottest marketing tactics you can be using online today. Are you using it correctly though?

Web video can have some great results when used right. The problem is that most people aren’t using it correctly.

The things that video users are doing wrong are all very similar. Some of the most common errors of web video include:

Disengaging videos

Videos that are too long

Using poor video players

Not staying focused on the message

Delivering the wrong message

Disengaging Videos

Let’s first talk about how to create an engaging video. A good friend of mine, New York Times bestselling author and former Olympian, Vince Poscente, taught me something to think about. He taught me to think “Eyes, Head, and Heart”.

Think about how to catch their attention immediately and get the attention of their eyes. Next you’ll focus on how to get them thinking about your topic. How can you engage them mentally on what you’re talking about? Last, capture their heart. Get to the heart of the viewer by doing something or saying something that will drive your point home.

Long Videos

Videos that are too long quickly lose the engagement of the viewer. In most online videos, it’s my experience that the perfect video should be roughly 60-90 seconds long. The max length I would expect to see any video would be 2 minutes, any longer than that and you’re at a high risk for losing the viewer.

Inappropriate Video Players

Using a video player on the wrong platform is a very common mistake. It’s not uncommon to see a YouTube video player on a website. This is a huge mistake. Roughly 30% of the viewers will click on the YouTube link to go to YouTube and watch other peoples’ videos. These other videos are often a competitor of yours! If you’re putting video on a website, you should consider a vide player that gives you more control like Web Video Spot.

A Lack of Focus

Some videos are created well, have some good valid points behind them, but still lose their viewer. This happens because if you stray for a second from your message, the user is immediately disengaged. Make sure that your video is staying on topic 100% of the time.

Delivering the Wrong Message

It happens all too often. Someone creates a great video, but with the wrong message inside of it. It’s important to remember when creating a video that people want to be engaged, educated, or enlightened. They don’t want to be sold, told, or hit with something bold. It is ok, and even encouraged to be counter-intuitive but remember when doing so that viewers won’t want to be told they’re wrong.

One important thing to remember, when putting video on a website, use a video player like Web Video Spot provides. Customizable video players help reinforce your brand, can help encourage users to click through for sales with call to action buttons, and much more.

What’s more important than the video player itself is the video. Remember these five points and you’ll be creating great content in no time.