5 Tips on Getting a Girlfriend – Sure Ways to Win Any Girl’s Heart

There are many tips on getting a girlfriend, but which ones really work? You surely need all these tips to get a girl and win her heart especially if you have been single all your life. Once you have found a girl you would like to be with, here are some tips you can consider:

1. Talk with your body.

Ladies tend to be very observant of mannerisms and behaviors even though they appear to be more interested in talking than in listening. Your body language is one important factor in getting for yourself a girlfriend. Take note that your actions must be showy of your interest in her and be sure that your moves are done with confidence and politeness. Look her in the eye. And when she’s talking, you got to lean forward to show your interest. These are a few things to get any woman’s attention. In case you just met her, read how to give the perfect first impression and start a great conversation on starting a conversation with a girl.

2. Go flirty with her.

If you’re a funny guy, your jokes could be a great way to lead in to flirting. One way to flirt gently is by saying nice remarks towards them. You can very well be remembered because of your compliments. It shows a girl you are trying to make a connection in a fun and flirty way. It also shows how you notice little things.

3. Don’t be afraid to touch.

A little tap on the back of her hand, your arm lightly around her shoulder or pulling back a strand of hair from her face are all great ways you can break the touch barrier. Gentle touches ease you and your potential girlfriend into physical intimacy which is most likely to occur if she begins to like you back. Your light touches will send a signal to her brain that awakens feelings of passion.

4. Revive the alpha male in you.

This may not seem to be part of the usual tips on getting a girlfriend, but a strong, independent and confident guy is the perfect person every girl wants to be with. These days, the caring, sappy man is not able to find attention from ladies because they are all busy flirting like crazy with a guy who isn’t spending his day flirting back. The less you show how desperate you are, the more intriguing you will become. What it takes to be looked at an alpha male? Find out about it at alpha male traits.

5. Show you have a brain and a heart.

For a brain, you must be interested in current events and like to talk about sensible topics. Never talk about guy stuff when you know she cannot connect with the conversation. Talk about something that she is also interested in so you can both be the smart ones. As for the heart, this is easy. Just don’t do something ill-mannered. Pull out chairs for her and make sure that you open doors for her. Being a gentleman doesn’t make you less of an alpha male.

These are some tips on getting a girlfriend. And they have really worked for those who knowa how to keep these balanced.