5 Tips on Avoiding the Boredom of a Long Airplane Trip

Ever find yourself restless during those long airplane trips with nothing to preoccupy your anxieties in the duration? Take note that besides the obvious, there are a few ingenious ways one can keep themselves preoccupied to make that long and dreaded commute seem as speedy as a snap of the finger.

The trick to getting through a long airplane trip with some remaining sanity is to engage in numerous activities, and if you have a little bit of ADHD in you as I do, then you’ll find that multitasking can be very helpful at keeping that mind stimulated. Below is a briefly compiled list of engaging activities one can endure during that long ride in the sky.

1. Of Course a Book

Many people already take their favorite read with them on a long airplane journey. The thing with this is that you want to be sure that the book is of great interest and that it is one that you will like to complete in a timely fashion. Don’t bother with those drawn out novels of 10,000+ pages, for at some point you will eventually put the book away from exhaustion and find yourself twiddling the thumbs. Instead, find a read that is captivating and brief and that can be possibly be finished close to the end of the trip.

Reading can also be therapeutic as it is for me, and a relaxing read will soon give way to slumber. Sleeping through a great portion, if not the whole trip always makes for a smooth transport. Just be sure to have that neck pillow handy.

2. Try an In Depth Task List

Most often do we not have time to sit down and map out activities and tasks we would like to tackle do to our busy lives. A long airplane trip that requires hours of confinement to that seat is a great opportunity to get in depth with an outline of things to do once you reach back home. Take your time and list particular tasks, such as finally getting those gutters cleaned or finding the right curtains for that redecorating project. Then, plan on how much time you would like to spend on each task and add at least a couple of hours to a full day for completion. Giving yourself room for error will alleviate heartache in the end.

Also, concentrate on costs and engage in some research on your particular tasks if you have a laptop handy. This in depth analysis will serve as a great reference for when it is time to engage in the actual project. Keep in mind however that airllines offering wi-fi service is limited and provided for a nominal fee as well. One airline offering such a service includes American Airlines.

3. Call Those People You’ve Been Meaning to Call All Year

Our busy lives often having us going throughout our days, weeks, months and even years without speaking to people that are dear to us. If the pilot allows for it, then make time for idle conversation once the pilot gives the ok for cell phone usage. Scroll through that electronic Rolodex and start with the people whom haven’t heard from you in the longest stretch. A surprise “how are you” is always good for the soul and can alleviate any resentment from those wondering why they haven’t heard from you in ages.This type of service is also limited, so it may be wise to check with this type of incentive during flight arrangements.

4. Get Some Good Music

Be sure to have some good tunes on hand during your airplane ride. Music can also be very therapeutic and therefore give way to a second cat nap. Be sure that amongst your favorite tunes, to also pick up a new CD and listen through the entire 90 minute session. This is sure to shed just a few more hours off of your flight duration making you a few jet streams closer to your destination.

5. Stay Up and Eat A Filling Meal

Ever ate ’till you were stuffed? Then immediately became ready for a nap? A combination of this along with no sleep the night before will surely set in on that airplane ride. As I personally dread flying, I have found that staying up the night before my flight served me well on so many different levels.

For one, staying up assured me that I would not oversleep and possibly miss the flight. I have missed flights before and this only adds to the frustration of already enduring the long trip. Eating just before the flight also settled me down by the time we were at a comfortable cruising altitude. By this time the sandman was paying me a visit and sending me off to la-la land. Thirdly, the combination of food and no sleep assured that I would not simply get in a cat nap, but instead a full and hearty sleeping session that would have me alert and revived once reaching my destination. Often, people whom don’t get much sleep on the plane make up for it once on land. If your trip is one of adventure and leisure time, then precious moments will be stolen through slumber.

There are mainly two things that makes time fly(no pun intended). One is being engaged in fun activities-“Time flies when your having fun”, while the other is being engaged in various activities. Think about how fast your work day goes by when there is much to do. Keeping busy seems to speed up those second & minute hands on the clock. Remember that it isn’t necessary to follow the suggested list in sequential order. The main idea is that good preparation with a list full of engaging tasks and activities can relieve the boredom of any airplane trip.