5 Tips for Spring Decluttering

I’ll admit it: I’m a bit of a packrat. Perhaps it’s the artsy side of me, but I tend to hang onto things and not notice clutter and messes around the house. Now that spring is here, I know it’s time for me to make a clean sweep in my home and work to do some serious decluttering. Here are some of the best tips I have found to help me–a clutter chick–keep on track and get my house in order.

Set Aside Time
This is the hardest part for me–finding the time to do what needs to be done. As a busy, work-at-home single mom who homeschools, time is a serious factor in my life. I squeeze in chores between the kids’ schoolwork, my work and daily life. To get my house in order, it is important for me to set aside a specific time to get it done.

Work In One Room at a Time
With my short attention span I am easily distracted. If I walk from one room into another I am very likely to notice something that I should do in the new room and forget that I was working in the previous room. This doesn’t make a cleaning and clutter clearing project work. I try to stay in one room when I work and with kids who are old enough to help, I can send them into other rooms to put things away–and thus keep myself from getting sucked into a room where I am not actually working.

Start With Throwaway Stuff
For me, I like to grab some trash bags or some boxes and make a quick walk through the house pitching anything that has become trash. Getting trash out of the way first helps me focus.

Set Aside Boxes for a “Get Rid Of” Stash
Boxes that are specifically for items to be gotten rid of–sold in a yard sale, donated to charity or given to a friend–are must-haves for any decluttering project. With my children, I try to impress upon them the idea that “If we aren’t using it, haven’t used it and probably won’t use it–we don’t need it.” Fill up enough boxes and you’ve got the makings of a great yard sale that can bring in a little cash after you’ve cleared the clutter.

Start at the Doorway
When you start working in a room, begin at the doorway then work around the perimeter of the room, catching the middle of the room as you go. Hopefully, by the time you get back to the doorway you are ready to simply walk out of a clean and clutter-free room. Yeah, that may not be exactly the way it works but it’s a great idea and if you can follow it somewhat you will be ahead on your clutter control.

Go For It!
Whether you get your whole house in order and clutter-free or you just get a small corner clean and neat, following a plan can help keep you on track and keep you focused. Throw open your windows for some fresh air and put on some fun and funky music to keep you moving and you’ll surprise yourself with how much you will be able to accomplish.