5 Tips for Saving Money at Home

Most people are in a tight situation when it comes to money. You can’t go too long without hearing someone complain about being broke or not having money. A lot of people think they don’t make enough and are let down when they don’t get a raise at work. This is very true that a raise is a rare event in these times and if you get one it usually doesn’t add up to the rise of inflation. Here are some tips to help you save money at home instead of trying to ramp up your income. The savings probably wont be TREMENDOUS but every little bit helps when your scraping to get by.

  1. Turn off lights when you’re not using them. It’s easy to turn a light on and leave the room and get involved in another activity. When you leave the room just shut the light off until you need it. Another helpful tip is to check every room in the house before you leave to make sure no lights are on, remember every second counts when it comes to electricity.

  2. Unplug everything. You can save a ton of money on your electric bill if you unplug everything you’re not using. Especially make sure to get the television. Basically what happens is all of your electronics plugged into the wall are still receiving very little electricity and you’re paying for it even when your appliances aren’t on.

  3. Keep water in the refrigerator/keep ice cube trays full. Try not to stand at the sink with the water running waiting for it to get cold. All you have to do is fill up a jug or pitcher with water and put it in your fridge. Next time you need some cool and refreshing water just open the fridge and pour a glass. Otherwise you can make sure to keep your ice cube tray full and just pop in a couple of cubes every time you pour your glass of water or your favorite beverage. This can help your water bill and of course it is good for the environment not to just let that water go down the drain.

  4. Microwave. If at all possible use your microwave to cook your food. It’s much faster and you are using less electricity than your oven or stove would use in gas or electricity.

  5. Run ac/heat only when you’re home. You can save a lot of money not running your heating and cooling while you’re not home. If you have a thermostat for your heat maybe just set it down to 60 while you’re gone and when you get home just bump it back up 70, it doesn’t take long and your house shouldn’t lose that much heat while you’re gone if you keep your windows and doors closed. As far as your ac goes, having that thing on full blast while you’re gone doesn’t do you any good but it does cost you. In the summer before you go out you can open some windows and shut the ac off. When you return just close the windows and turn your ac on, doesn’t take long to cool off when that cool air starts to flow.

These are just a few easy tips that you can apply everyday to cut down those treacherous bills that come every month, I hope this will help good luck to everyone.