5 Tips for Putting an Above Ground Swimming Pool in Your Backyard

In many cases, a homeowner will choose an above ground pool over an in-ground one due to budget constraints or simple space constraints. Family members can have just as much fun in this type of pool, so it isn’t a huge issue to go with an above ground swimming pool. This type of pool is less durable than others, but it is much cheaper and easier to install. Either way, thousands of homes feature such swimming pools. Here are some tips for putting one in your backyard and using it too!

1. Always use a lockable cover when the pool isn’t in use.
Most homeowners will choose to go with a relatively small above ground pool. However, it’s always a good idea to practice some smart safety techniques by locking the pool in some way or another when it isn’t in use. For taller pools, the ladder can be removed. A thin but lockable cover can be placed over the water to prevent individuals from just jumping in. You should always practice safety measures if there are children around.

2. Be careful about letting pets in the pool.
It’s perfectly okay to let pets swim in an above ground swimming pool, but you should be a little wary of letting larger animals into the pool. Obviously, above ground pools aren’t built with the strongest materials, so it isn’t that difficult for a large animal to rip a hole in the material. You don’t want to have to worry about holes, leaks, and patching problems. Large pets that like to jump around a lot should probably be kept out of the pool for the most part. Also, pets that don’t like water should be kept away because they will thrash around.

3. Make sure there is enough room for the pool and filter.
Some backyards aren’t that big, so putting in a pool can take up a lot of space. You have to remember to leave plenty of room in the yard for the pool and filter. Undoubtedly, using such a pool without a filter is a bad idea, so you can’t just forget about that. It isn’t a huge issue, but problems will start to arise if there isn’t enough room for everything pool related. On top of that, you will have to find a place to store all of the pool maintenance supplies.

4. Avoid keeping large trees around the pool.
Sure, trees usually don’t fall, but that doesn’t mean that they can’t. You should keep large trees away from the above ground pool if possible. Even a small tree can damage an above ground pool if it lands on it. Of course, you don’t want to pay hundreds of dollars to repair a pool every time a tree or other object crashes into it. It’s a good idea to cut down nearby trees or keep the pool away from trees if possible.

5. Leave enough space in the backyard for other activities.
A backyard shouldn’t be consumed completely by an above ground pool because that leaves you with no room to do anything else. Without a doubt, you will want to leave enough room to barbecue, relax, or whatever else in the yard. The pool shouldn’t be taking up 90% of the space in the yard. The smallest yards shouldn’t accommodate such pools. In the end, you will definitely end up regretting the pool if it’s almost the size of your entire yard.

Above ground or below ground pools are fun additions!
Regardless of what type of pool is in the yard, swimming pools are a great choice for any home that can accommodate them. Every member of the family can enjoy taking a dip in the pool on a regular basis. Obviously, you can throw parties or family get-togethers with ease. These pools are cheap and relatively durable, so they won’t break down if taken care of properly. Considering an above ground swimming pool is a good idea!
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