5 Tips for Maintaining a Crossbow

Obviously, crossbows aren’t unbreakable weapons that last forever. You can’t just buy one and hope that it will stay in great condition without any effort on your part. A crossbow requires plenty of regular maintenance and care to work each time it is used. With that in mind, you can’t just leave the device laying around to collect dust if you plan on actually using it. Here are some tips for maintaining a crossbow.

1. Don’t forget to use oil on certain parts.

Crossbows require the occasional application of oil on certain parts of the device. There are plenty of moving parts on such a device, and you will want to keep them greased up enough to where they function without too much friction. Otherwise, the crossbow can start to wear down as parts will start to break due to friction and grinding. Certain oils and lubes are perfect for use on a crossbow, so you will want to grab some and apply it regularly to the crossbow to keep it working smoothly.

2. Never dry fire a crossbow or leave it loaded but unattended.

Okay, this is more of a safety tip, but it will keep a crossbow from breaking prematurely. You should never dry fire a crossbow, which means you shouldn’t cock it and shoot the device without an arrow on the string. Also, you shouldn’t leave the device loaded and then place it on the ground or somewhere else. It’s almost a guarantee that the crossbow will end up firing and injuring someone or breaking something. Dry firing will quickly break the bow beyond repair in most cases.

3. Keep dirt and other particles off the crossbow.

Dirt and dust are dangerous for just about anything, including electronics and firearms. Therefore, you should keep dirt, dust, and grime away from your crossbow so that it doesn’t start to damage the device. Doing so will ensure that the bow functions like it should too. As long as you wipe the crossbow down every so often and keep it out of dirty areas, then you shouldn’t have to worry too much about this.

4. Always inspect the device for cracks.

Cracks are a huge danger for bows and crossbows alike, so you should never use a device that is cracked in any way. For crossbows, a crack in the handle isn’t a huge deal, but any cracks along the body of the device could potentially send you to the hospital during use. Always get a crossbow sealed and fixed as soon as cracks are discovered. You shouldn’t even risk using a bow that is damaged in such a manner because the consequences are many.

5. Store the crossbow in the proper environment.

Like everything else, crossbows are best suited for storage in a particular environment. You should keep your device in a room temperature setting that is away from dirt and foot traffic. In reality, it’s best to store a crossbow in a case of some sort, but it isn’t absolutely necessary. You just don’t want the device to be around humidity, water, extreme heat or cold, or other potentially damaging environments.

Take care of your crossbow!
A responsible owner will end up with a working crossbow for years, but a person that neglects theirs will find themselves buying a new bow on a regular basis. Of course, it’s best to keep a crossbow in the best condition possible so that you don’t have to spend tons of money replacing it. You wouldn’t let a vehicle or electronic device fall into disrepair. These devices require as much care as anything else, so don’t neglect them!

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