5 Tips for Filming an Amateur Music Video

Filming an amateur music video can be pretty difficult because it’s hard to create a high quality finished product. Obviously, amateur artists and amateur filmmakers don’t have expensive cameras, amazing editing software, and other things that are necessary for creating a top-notch music video. Amateur filmmakers who know what they’re doing can still create a great looking video that can rival the professional ones. With that in mind, here’s how you can make your amateur music video great.

Use a qualified but affordable director, such as a film student or amateur photographer.
If you hand the camera over to a random friend, then your music video will look shaky and unprofessional. Therefore, you should find a film student that knows what they’re doing and could use the music video credit to add to their list of productions. You might have to pay this person, but most of them will be willing to do it for free if they are credited on the video. Going this route will make your music video look much more professional because it more than likely won’t have shaky filming, poor angles, and other problems that can plague an amateur video.

Film at multiple locations that look good on camera.
Without a doubt, a music video needs and will benefit from filming at multiple locations. These locations need to look great on camera. Using multiple locations makes the music video look great and gives it some interesting visuals. Of course, the locations should somehow relate to the song for the music video too. You shouldn’t pay to use a location unless you absolutely need to. Finding locations is usually simple and won’t cost a thing though. So then, get out around your city and find those locations!

Choreograph the music video at least a little bit.
Music videos that are unplanned come across as sloppy on video under all circumstances. You need to make sure that the music video is well-planned before you try to film it. Of course, a pre-planned music video is going to look great on video when replayed. Your video will also look a lot more professional, especially if the choreography for it looks great in the first place. Don’t make the mistake of trying to wing it when the camera starts rolling because it will look horrid on camera.

Don’t try to do the music video without practice or in a single take.
Also, you need to practice the choreography for your music video various times before the camera ever gets rolling. Everyone who will be on camera needs to know what they are doing, and the only way to do that is to practice a few times at the very least. The music video will come off as terribly performed if you don’t practice enough. Plus, it’s extremely easy to tell when a person doesn’t know what they’re doing during the performance. Be smart about your music video by practicing multiple times and giving your best performance during actual filming.

Make sure the audio and video sync together properly.
After the video has been filmed, editing must commence. One of the biggest issues that occurs with amateur music videos is when the audio and video don’t sync up perfectly. It’s pretty amusing for viewers to see such a sight, but it’s embarrassing for everyone involved in the music video’s creation. So then, you must ensure that the audio and video sync up before the music video is put anywhere where an audience can view it. Save yourself some embarrassment by checking the video before it’s published!

Get that music video filmed!
Filming a music video isn’t the hardest thing in the world, but amateur music videos often look poor under many circumstances. Therefore, everyone involved in the process must be dedicated and skilled in order to ensure that the music video looks great. In the end, an amateur music video can look just as great as a professional one. You will have to work hard to make sure that your project turns out incredible, but it’s completely possible!

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