5 Tips for Creating an Internet Video Series

Creating an Internet-based video series isn’t that difficult. It takes a little time and practice to perfect the filming process, and editing will take a little more time. In the end, a couple hours per week can get a weekly video series up and running without a problem. It takes a camera, a person or two, some basic editing software, and some time to create a video series. Here are some tips for creating an Internet video series.

Don’t rely too heavily on effects or editing.
Too many series out there rely on effects and editing with relatively little content. Without that extra touch of editing, most of those series would be incredibly boring and lackluster. Your video series should be based on mostly content with some extra effects on the side. You won’t keep the viewers coming back to your videos if they are nothing but fluff and flashy effects. On the other hand, a video that is full of comedic and interesting content is going to do pretty well.

Embed links (not videos) on other sites.
Leave video embeds to your fans. For yourself, you should upload your videos onto YouTube or use another video service and put the video on your own website. You want to draw the traffic to the website for your video series because you can start to make money off the traffic and increase interest. Without a doubt, the smartest idea is to just host and show the video on your own website rather than using YouTube. Simply link to your video in other places.

Create a website dedicated to the series.
Any good series that is drawing in thousands or tens of thousands of views deserves its own website. On top of that, the website can also be used to earn money, promote your other projects, and more. You could even sell merchandise related to the series if it’s that popular. The website for the series can be so much more useful than simply having your series posted on YouTube.

Maximize tags, descriptions, and titles.
You will mostly be relying on word of mouth and popularity to get your video viewed thousands of times. Still, it doesn’t hurt to maximize all of the information that you can provide for your video. Use a title that always includes the title of the video series in it. Also, you should always use the best handful of tags possible. Make your description of each video count. As the owner of the series, you have to do whatever you can to get your videos indexed in search engines to the point where a person looking for your videos will come across them right away.

Use AdSense, affiliate marketing, and more on the site for the video series.
You need a website for your video series if it is popular. For starters, you can utilize various tools to monetize your website and your video series. Google AdSense and affiliate marketing are all viable and smart options to implement into your website. You can even create merchandise for your video series if it is marketable and popular enough. Basically, you have tons of tools at your disposal to make some money off of the video series if it has a dedicated website.

Have fun, get views, and earn money.
Most people won’t earn much off of their video series, but you could if it is marketable, popular, and lasting. Obviously, you will have to produce episodes regularly that are both entertaining and memorable for viewers. Only then can you monetize your product by creating a standalone website for it. Earning money off of a video series is great, but you have to create and maintain the series first.

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