5 Tips for Creating an Amateur Animated Film

Amateur films can be just as good as big budget Hollywood films. However, animated films can be a much more difficult project to pull off successfully. Such films are extremely difficult to produce without tons of money, but it isn’t impossible. A very dedicated animator could create their own film with enough time and effort. Still, a person is going to have to utilize all of their abilities to make an amateur animated film look and sound great.

Come up with great sound effects.

Amazing sound effects won’t make an animated movie great, but they can definitely stop it from being horrible. Therefore, you should work on perfecting your sound effects and music used in the film. You shouldn’t just take sounds created by others because creating your own sounds can make the film stand out. Sound editing in animated movies is extremely important, so you shouldn’t just go the simple way by using sound effects that are generic and overly used.

Be meticulous about the animation.

Meticulous animators end up creating the best works, so you all animators should take that to heart. A person can’t hope to create a great animated film if they aren’t cautious and involved with their work. Therefore, all animators should focus on creating their product with great care. It doesn’t matter how long it takes to complete. In fact, the longer an animated film takes to be completed, the better is can be in most cases.

Write the script early and use storyboards.

Like any other film, an animated feature needs to be planned out ahead of time. That means that a script must be written and storyboards must be drawn up. Of course, the script needs to be in-depth while the storyboards only need to be rough sketches of scenes. Doing this will help keep the entire film on track during production and editing so that the job gets done properly.

Use animation software to make it all easier.

There are various methods a person can use to animate their film. Traditional methods are very expensive, but cheap flip book styles are incredibly archaic and useless when creating a full animated film. Fortunately, there are various software programs available out there that will help a person get their film going. In the end, this software might cost some money, but it can greatly assist any animator in getting scenes finished with some great effects.

Don’t expect to make a Pixar quality film.

Obviously, Pixar films are created by top animators with millions of dollars at their disposal. You shouldn’t have expectations for creating a product that is that polished and successful. It just doesn’t happen like that when it comes to animation and film. Without a doubt, it’s possible to create a good quality film, but “Pixar quality” might just be pushing the envelope a little bit.

Animated Films are Tough.

It’s exceptionally difficult for anyone without a team of animators, a big budget, and tons of equipment to create a great animated film. Of course, that doesn’t mean that it can’t be done, but it’s uncommon for amateur animated films to go anywhere. Still, you could great an animated masterpiece if you take enough time to create the film. You won’t have tons of options as far as animation methods go, but you can and will have to make it work.

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