5 Tips for Cleaning a Firearm

Firearms don’t clean themselves, so it is up to gun owners to clean each and every one of their firearms on a regular basis. Of course, plenty of people skip regular cleanings on their weapons, but that’s a really bad idea. A weapon that isn’t properly maintained can jam often, malfunction in other ways, and flat out break. You need to clean your firearms after each use and then frequently otherwise. In the end, your firearms will last longer and continue to work for the years to come. Here are some cleaning tips.

Clean your firearms regularly.
The worst thing a gun owner can do is fail to clean their firearms regularly. Weapons need to be cleaned thoroughly after every use. Obviously, that means after every session of use – not after every bullet fired. You should clean your firearms every few weeks whether you use them or not. The key to a long-lasting weapon is proper maintenance. Sure, that might mean using a bunch of solvents, rags, and cleaning rods for hours on end, but it pays off.

Don’t use makeshift cleaning tools and solvents.
Without a doubt, you shouldn’t create your own cleaning tools and solvents for your firearm. These usually won’t get the trick done and can even damage your weapon if you use the wrong materials or solutions. It’s always smartest to use actual cleaning solvents for firearms and tools like cleaning rods or brushes. Unfortunately, a lot of people try to use their own cleaning items to take care of their firearms, which can result in damage to the barrel or other parts of the gun.

Clean all parts of the weapon at once.
For some reason, people tend to get pretty lazy when cleaning their firearms. Too many people clean a part or two of the gun and then leave the rest for later. This poses a few problems, especially if the firearm is used before the rest of the parts are cleaned. Undoubtedly, you need to clean every part of the weapon at once without waiting days or even weeks to do the whole job. The parts function best when they are cleaned together, so don’t forget that.

Never forget to lubricate appropriate parts of the firearm.
Some parts of handguns and long guns need to be lubricated after they are cleaned. Luckily, most cleaning kits come with these lubricants and oils. Obviously, firearms that aren’t properly lubricated regularly can become damaged or fail to fire for various reasons. You need to lubricate the proper parts of your weapons after every cleaning to ensure that the firearm continues to have working parts.

Always remember to unload the weapon before cleanings.
It’s usually not something that gun owners forget, but you need to unload all ammunition from the weapon before it is cleaned. Sure, most firearms can’t be cleaned without removing cartridges and then rounds in the chamber, but that isn’t always the case. You would be plain stupid to try to clean a loaded firearm because the risk of something bad happening is very great. On that note, always unload your firearms before cleaning them.

Clean your firearms!
Proper firearm care will result in a working weapon that rarely – if ever – fails to fire or experiences any problems. In the end, you will spend a lot less money on weapons repairs if you clean and maintain all of your guns the right way. It isn’t that difficult, but it might take a little bit of time to clean weapons. Still, you have to do a complete and thorough job to guarantee that your weapons will be in top shape at all times.

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