5 Tips for Buying an Acoustic Drum Set

Acoustic drum sets are still widely popular despite the existence of electric sets. Most soon-to-be drummers prefer to start out with an acoustic set and may branch out to others after that. Either way, buying an acoustic drum set takes some basic knowledge and ideas to ensure that you end up with a great setup. There are plenty of worthless and poor options out there for drums, so you should do everything in your power to end up with the right ones. Here are some tips for buying acoustic drum sets!

1. Never go with the cheapest set available.
Without a doubt, you will want a drum set that is durable and sounds great. You won’t get that if you choose the cheapest option available. Cheap sets that you see in Wal-Mart or other non-music stores just won’t cut it because they are built with cost in mind but nothing else. At the very least, you should buy a set that costs $300 to $500 to start out with. Drums can cost thousands of dollars, but beginners and casual players won’t need to spend that much.

2. Buy a setup that comes with all the essentials.
You should buy a set that comes with more than just the drum set. Luckily, it isn’t that difficult to find packages that come with drums, symbols, sticks for playing, and even cover pads. The more you get out of the package, the more money you will save. Especially for beginners, it’s best to get as much as possible without paying too much money. Other useful accessories include pedals and cleaners, but those are less commonly available with packages.

3. Test out the sound of each set before making a decision.
Different drum sets will sound different, so you will need to test the sound of each and every set that you consider buying. Obviously, you might love or hate the sound produced by a particular set, so don’t make the mistake of just randomly picking some drums. Making a hasty decision will result in some remorse soon after you start playing the drums. Therefore, you should save yourself some trouble and just give each set a quick session.

4. Consider getting a few extra drums or symbols.
Of course, drum sets can contain as many drums, symbols, and other pieces as a person wants. Most basic sets come with 4 to 7 total pieces, which is enough for most players. However, you might want to increase your range during play by adding a few more drums and symbols. You should try to find relatively cheap extra pieces though because they can add up quickly. In the end, you could have a ten to fifteen piece drum set that sounds incredible as you play.

5. Look both online and in stores for the drums.
You can purchase drums in a store or online. Undoubtedly, you will want to check out sets offered by companies from both sources. You can find some pretty good deals online, but you might prefer being able to play the drums in a store before buying them. Also, online stores offer a collection of reviews on any given setup, which can benefit you during the decision making process. Either way, you will be able to find a great drum set.

Start out with acoustic; move out from there.
For most drummers, an acoustic set is the first one that they will ever own. Some drummers will choose to stick with that type of drums while others will switch over to electric sets at some point. Both types of drums are very popular, so it shouldn’t surprise anyone to see either. Fortunately, anyone can learn to play both drum types, and there aren’t major differences in how each is played. A good rule of thumb is to start with acoustic and move to electric afterward.

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