5 Tips for Buying a Child an Archery Bow

Archery is a great hobby for just about any child because it takes dedication and practice to become skilled at. A parent who wants to get their child into archery must first buy their child a bow. For practical purposes, it’s best to get an archery bow rather than a crossbow. Purchasing a bow isn’t that difficult, but it involves some extra considerations when it comes to younger potential archers. With that in mind, here are some tips for buying a bow for a child.

Look for a bow that doesn’t weigh too much.
Children aren’t as strong as adults, which is blatantly obvious. On that note, parents should buy their child a lightweight bow that is easy to carry around and work with. A heavy bow will make the child want to go home or put it down and do something else. Also, a heavier bow means that a child will have to exert more energy to use it, which makes it less fun. Lightweight bows are always the best option until a person becomes a more experienced archer.

Find a bow with a low pull back weight requirement.
Each bow requires a certain amount of pull back weight for the arrow to be in a firing position. Otherwise, the arrow will just fall straight to the ground if the string isn’t pulled back far enough. Most children will do best with a pull back weight requirement of at least 10 pounds but no more than 20 pounds. Each person will be capable of more or less. Still, parents should focus on a low pull back weight for their son or daughter’s first archery bow.

Consider going with a compound bow.
A compound bow utilizes a system of pulleys to make using the bow much easier. For children, a compound bow is usually the best option because they allow for more power with less effort in comparison to other types of bows. A child will be able to fire off many more arrows with a compound bow because he or she will expend less energy with each round. In most cases, it’s best to start out with this type of bow and advance to others as the child gets better and more efficient.

Make sure that the bow is designed for kids!
Okay, it’s time for an obvious tip. Parents shouldn’t buy a buy designed to accommodate adults for their children. There are specific bows manufactured by companies for children. Therefore, parents should always go with a bow designed for younger archers. Typically, these bows are lighter, smaller, and easier to use as far as children are concerned. It’s nearly pointless to hand a young boy or girl an adult-sized bow and expect him or her to fire off arrows like a professional.

Inspect the bow before buying it.
All bows are made with quality and durability in mind, but that doesn’t mean the bows are still that way when they are purchased. Over time, bows will develop cracks and other problems while sitting on shelves or in boxes at the store. Every buyer should inspect the bow they are about to buy to ensure that nothing is wrong with it. A simple crack can lead to a bow that breaks while firing, which could easily result in injuries to the parent or child. So then, a thorough inspection is necessary when buying a bow. The smallest issue can lead to huge problems later on.

It’s not the hardest decision ever.
Without a doubt, buying an archery bow isn’t that difficult. A parent just needs to know what to look for and what to avoid. After a few hours of searching and comparing, any parent should be able to find their son or daughter the best bow out there. Children love archery bows in many instances because they get to bond with their parents and excel at archery. In the end, a bow can be a great gift at any time of the year for children.

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