5 Things You Should Know Post Rapture

Take heed if you are going to be “Left Behind” after the Rapture. There are things the CDC failed to recommend during the disaster preparedness for the Rapture.

Cockroaches will still be here on Earth.

Everyone is all up in arms about the zombies being left here on Earth. One thing that was not mentioned was the cockroaches. Everyone who will be left behind will know how to be prepared for zombies, but not for cockroaches.

During all the preparedness talk, they failed to mention the aide the cockroaches would give to the zombies if there is such a disaster.

Hospitals will become the breeding grounds for zombies and cockroaches.

After the Rapture has come and gone, medical staff will no longer be able to comfort their patients by allowing priests, rabbis, nuns or any other religious member in before, during or after any medical treatment.

Why? It is due to all believers going to their destination after death. This will allow zombies to take those who are left behind and transform them into their lifestyle.

Since janitors, if there is any left, will be busy cleaning up the zombie slime, goo, and other messes around the hospitals. This will be a never ending job for them. Upon not being able to keep up with the clean up, cockroaches will find a new breeding ground.

Will all the equipment left, cockroaches will learn how to use these items to become a bigger, badder breed of the military for the zombies.

World military installations will be taken over by cockroaches.

During the dark of night, cockroaches have been watching reruns of “Star Trek The Next Generation.” They have learned how to assimilate all military personnel into their cockroach armies from the Borg.

While all military personnel as we knew it post rapture, they try to fend off the cockroach attacks in a Captain Kirk and Picard style. While giving it all they got, Scotty just will not be able to beam them up because he is fighting off the aliens and predators on the “Enterprise.”

Religion will be gone and banned.

That’s right those who believe in their God no matter what religion they practice will be gone. To where? It will depend on which religious belief believers practice. Since they all will be called to their dearly departed place, all religion will cease to exist and banned by the sinners.

Any further attempts to create a religious sect post rapture will be cause for being attacked by zombies. The zombies will move any new religious cults to any deserted mental facilities after all patients are released. Once there, the cockroaches will be released. The cockroach brigade will carry out all military action for the zombies.

Sinners will rule the world.

After the Rapture all religion will cease to exist, sinners will rule the world. Since this will happen, this means all political leaders we, as a world, have now will keep their positions and no elections will be held as the world knows it now.

Even after death, politicians will not be replaced. They will continue in the role they have now as a zombie. This includes prime ministers, presidents, kings and queens of a country. Any secret service or other protection agency will become cockroaches after the life they know now.