5 Things to Know About PayPal Customer Service

Everyone knows about the hundreds of PayPal horror stories out there. Many of them involve interactions with the company’s customer service base. Fortunately, the company has improved the quality of its customer service team in recent years. That doesn’t mean that you won’t go through quite a hassle to get some problem taken care of. You might be in for long waits, unhelpful representatives, unyielding supervisors, and other issues. To know what to expect, here is what you need to know.

Know what customer service representatives can and can’t do.

Customer service representatives have relatively little power when it comes to making changes to a person’s PayPal account. If you have a serious issue that needs to be taken care of, then you probably won’t get any help from customer service. In fact, they really can only check information on your account and make tiny changes. They can’t unlock your limited account or reverse a transaction right away. Most things on PayPal have to be done online through your account rather than through customer service. However, a representative might

Know that you will probably get frustrated during the process.

PayPal’s customer service is actually pretty courteous to callers, but dealing with them can get frustrating because representatives have so few abilities to resolve your problems. In the end, you might spend a lot of time talking to various reps with very few results when you hang up the phone. You should handle the situation in a calm and collected manner though because yelling at the rep who doesn’t have any solutions isn’t going to solve anything.

Know that customer service should only be handled by phone.

PayPal’s main method for customer service is by phone. In reality, you won’t typically get a response if you try to e-mail the company. Any responses may come days or even weeks later. On that note, you have to stick with phoning customer service even if you prefer dealing with people informally. The telephone is the only real option you have, and it’s not even worth it to give any other communication methods a try unless the company specifically tells you to use some other form of communication.

Know that supervisors won’t always solve the problem.

Unfortunately, supervisors won’t always have the powers to solve your problems when you call customer service for PayPal. They don’t have as much power in comparison to supervisors at other companies. More than likely, they won’t be able to get your issue on the fast track to review or anything like that. They might be able to expedite a refund or something simple, but you shouldn’t expect a whole lot of results from supervisors.

Know that you might be better off contacting a higher member of the PayPal hierarchy.

PayPal doesn’t advertise the contact information of individuals that work with the company, but there are multiple lists out there that can be used to your advantage. You could potentially contact someone that agrees with you and can get you the help that you need, whether you are having account issues or need to dispute something. Of course, this method won’t always work. Still, it pays off greatly when it does.

It’s not always the customer service representative’s fault.

Don’t take your anger out on a customer service representative or even a supervisor because PayPal doesn’t give them too much power to make changes to a person’s account or funds. Obviously, you’ll have to deal with customer service, but a simple resolution is rarely the result unless you have an extremely simple matter to deal with. Your may have multiple positive experiences with customer service and then some other horrible ones.

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