5 Things to Know About Hiring an Intern This Summer

It’s May and that means summer is right around the corner. That also means now is the time to kick your search into high gear if you want to find some great interns to help around the office for the summer months ahead.

But first, check out this list of the top five things to know about hiring an intern for this summer.

1. You Still Can Find an Intern. Yes, it’s true ‘” some prospective interns have had their positions lined up for several months already. But there are still tons and tons of students (and recent grads!) that are still looking for work. The talent pool is still deep with qualified candidates that would love to work for your company.

2. Intern Doesn’t Necessarily Mean Unpaid. The term “intern” doesn’t necessarily mean “unpaid” or “paid”. There are a variety of internship models out there. Paid, unpaid, work for credit just to name a few. As always, find the arrangement that works best for you and your intern ‘” but just be clear about this upfront.

3. An Intern Requires Mentorship. Whether you wind up going with a paid or unpaid intern, keep in mind that the spirit of an internship is to teach and mentor. If you don’t have the time for that, no problem. Just call your open gig a part time job instead and you’ll still find great folks. Calling a position what it really is will just cut down on confusion along the way.

4. An Intern Doesn’t Need to Work From Your Office. In fact, an intern doesn’t even need to be located near your office! Virtual internships are commonplace these days, so for those of you who are comfortable with a remote workplace, finding a virtual intern might be right for you. This opens up your prospective talent pool to thousands of more candidates ‘” from New York to Houston to San Francisco. Plus, there is great and free Internet technology (for example: Skype and Google Docs) available that will help make working virtually so much easier.

5. Market Your Position in Order to Attract Top Talent. This one may sound counterintuitive, but trust us, it is true. Just like you want to see interns put their best foot forward when presenting themselves to you, the same is true when it comes to looking for works. Interns want to hear about your company, why it’s so great, and what they can expect to learn when working for you. Think of your marketing your internship as you would a product ‘” make it attractive!

It’s not too late to start planning and hiring a summer internship program. These tips are meant to help guide you before time runs out!