5 Things to Consider Before You Start a Site!

Start a site and experience newest and craziest way to express yourself or to make money. Creativity tends to overflow on the Internet. You will require certain amount of expertise if you want to create a site from scratch. However, if you are a novice you will find there are ample of tools to help you out, right from selecting template to helping out with the pages you want to put on the website. You will also find some fabulous site builders and tools that can give your website that added spunk.

However, before you start a site and embark on this fantastic journey you may need to consider a few things:

  • Niche of your site: You will need to decide the niche of the website. This is necessary in finding a domain name for your website. A domain name will help people identify the niche and attract visitors. Moreover, when you list your website in the search engines, a keyword friendly domain name will increase your chances of higher ranking. Niche decides the domain name.
  • Purpose of your site: What do you want from the website, other than getting visitors? There are several reasons why people start a site. It could be for making money, for sharing thoughts and ideas, in memory of someone, finding like minded individuals or simply try and learn a new talent. Whatever your reason, the size of package you choose from the web hosting companies will depend on this. If you are starting a web store with many images and links with price tags, you will need to choose start of art web store packages with payment facilities like the Shop Site, etc.

Starting a large store or a website where you would invite articles from members and publish them would mean large packages with unlimited bandwidth and sub-domains. So the size of the package is important. Single page websites will help you get into

  • Amount You Want to Spend: When you start a site, it is obvious you will need spending some money for the domain name and the hosting package. Advertising costs are additional to these, also you may need to hire a professional to create a website just in case you want a large website developed properly. If you want the website just for fun, you need to know you can start one without having to pay a single penny. Website hosting services like the Freewebs.com, etc. allow free hosting of a website. However, you will not get your personalized domain name. Amount of money you want to spend is your choice entirely.
  • Time You Would like to Invest in Your Website: Every website needs you to put in time for maintenance as well as updating newer information and removing the older one. Most time investment is for blogs, where you need to moderate the blog and keep on adding newer content everyday. Moreover, you will want to remove the spam.
  • Method of Advertising: You will need to put in a lot of thought if you want to make sure your website reaches millions of online traffic. It is because; paid advertising needs money and also requires you to put in time. Paid advertising makes sense if you are going to earn from the website. Personal websites can be advertised simply to those who are invited through emails, smses, etc. This will save money and yet people will come to your website just to meet you. One of the better known ways of advertising is through article writing because paid advertising is expensive.

You can start a site with more confidence when you have arrived at a decision with above points.