5 Things to Avoid in Effective Article Marketing

5 Mistakes in article marketing that you should avoid

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Being able to write an effective article to promote a product or your blog/website is a great skill to have, but it takes time to develop. But then not understanding the basic principles behind article marketing can be proved to be fatal to what could have been an effective marketing campaign. Making you question your ability as an effective article/copy writer.

Here are some common mistakes made in article marketing

1. Not being clear on who the target audience is.

A lot of writers and publishers make the most common error of not defining first what their target market is before writing out their content. Well, this is true about the unsuccessful ones. Always remember that failing to plan is the same as planning to fail. Most successful people learned this from Benjamin Franklin and were smart enough to take it to heart.

Little pieces of information like this is what seperates the more successful article marketers who already have a clear idea on what their niche market is even before the thought of the article is conceived from the ones who jump from one thing to the next, never making any money.

2. Making use of spam out of sheer desperation.

In their desperate need of getting to more than the usual number of consumers, authors tend to target just about everyone. Do not become a spammer. What is a spammer and how do you know if someone is teaching you to be one?

Spammers are the type of advertisers that try to get their information every where without any concern of trying to build an audience or a fan base. Like most Snake Oil Salesman, they have no merit.

Spammers try to get published in all category of newsletters or ezines and do, but not for long. In the long run, the owners of those publication will remove their articles from the copies in the assumption that they are spam.

So instead of saving time and resources, you actually get nothing and have to start over from scratch. What’s more, your reputation is the one at stake. Think of the credibility that you suddenly lost by doing something you thought people will not notice.

3. Inappropriate titles or headlines.

If your headlines do not grab the attention of your readers instantly, it will not matter if you are best writer in the Internet. You will end up a loser.

Authors should spend some time thinking up titles that will work. This simply means that titles should attract the attention of visitors the instant they set their eyes on it. That is why the time spent on the content of the article should be the same as the time you have to put in thinking of a good title.

Which would you rather have? An outstanding article that has lame words for a title or an ordinary article with an eye-catching one?

In case you are not aware of it, the ordinary article will probably make more sales than the better one. We live in a fast pace world and if people are given the choice to stop doing one thing to read something. Chances are that they will not take the time to read it. Usually,the simple article gets read the most.

4. Think of your readers first before you think about yourself.

Most writers may have passed the first stages with flying colors but this is where they blow it. All because they think of themselves first and foremost. Remember to help out yourself by helping out others.

In article marketing, you are not writing for yourself. You are writing for your readers. You cannot just go about and write topics you want. On the contrary, you need to write about the your market’s topic of interest.

To be an effective article marketer is to give your audience what they want. Your audience does not really care if you have won an award in writing or if you are a well known author. All they care about is that your articles should deliver what they need. And that they should have a use of your articles.

Listen to your readers and do waht they say!

5. Check you spelling and grammar.

Ok, granted that you have just written one of the best article ever read by people. But one thing you did not notice is that one word was spelled incorrectly. Once your readers have spotted this, all admiration and awe is immediately erased. Your article will then be classified as one of the low class ones.

If you do not want your articles to be disposed as something not worth reading, have them spell checked first before publishing. What is a minute or so of checking out for errors. Even if you blame them on machine typos, readers will always think it was you.

Once you understand the essence behind article marketing, you will never think of other means of generating traffic again. Just do not go overboard and start abusing your position as the author.

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