5 Things NOT to Say on a First Date

First dates can be exciting and nerve wracking at the same time. Everyone always remembers those feelings you get when you first start to talk to someone new, and All the thoughts that travel through your head as you prepare for your first date with a new girlfriend/boyfriend. One of the most frequently asked questions from people about
to go on their first dates with someone new is, “what kinds of things should I talk about?” The list for things that you can talk about are endless. Depending on your personality and style, you can talk about almost everything that comes up. The conversation isn’t so much important as long your charisma and flair is top game. There
are a few things, however, that are kind of taboo subjects to talk about. Here are some common ones.

1. The weather. This is just a generic and boring subject to talk about. If you resort to talking about the weather, it shows that you are either really nervous, boring, or both. Every once in a while it’s ok to make a comment about the weather, but to go on a full blown debate on “how nice it is outside right now” is just showing that you
could be scraping for whatever you can get.

2. Yourself. Talking about yourself can show that you are just overly conceited or just not interested in learning about the other person. People love to talk about themselves, but not everyone likes hearing others go on about themselves. It’s best if you just ask questions about the other person and learn something about them.
They might not like the idea of talking about themselves, but if you insist on it, they will be sure to open up a little bit and let you know about who they are. In return, they will most likely ask you some questions about yourself and THEN it becomes acceptable to talk about yourself. Just remember to keep it within limit.

3. Your problems. This is just one of those subjects you want to mentally run away from. It might seem easy to open up and vent about the things going wrong in your life, but you don’t want to come off sounding like a cry baby. It shows a lack of security in your life. Everyone has problems, that’s not a secret, but everyone has to be
strong enough to handle them in their own ways. Bringing your problems to your first date, is not exactly flattering to the other person, and it can also show a lack of respect to a night out dedicated to fun!

4. The news. This is not necessarily always a taboo subject, but the most of the time, it’s not good to talk about current issues. Unless there is something going on in the world that you two could share an interest for and talk about, I’d suggest leaving this topic for the second and third dates.

5. Politics. Unless you both are also in politics, it may not be good to talk about it. Politics is a controversial subject along with religion. If you two don’t necessarily see eye to eye on certain subjects, then it could strike debates, or worse, arguments. You don’t want to argue on your first date. It may not set a good stage to a second date.

Remember, first dates are about learning about each other and having fun. You need a decent mix of questions that you can ask about the other person, but then you
also need to remember to keep things lighthearted and fun. Keep your sense of humor at the front of your sleeve and just enjoy the night with your first date. Stay relaxed
and the conversation will just flow the way it should. Hopefully this has helped you in some way and prepared you for your first date!