5 Smart Marketing Tricks to Expand into China

Here are some smart marketing tricks we have developed assisting companies to expand into China rapidly.

China is no doubt a fast rising economy and its potential is really enormous, China, is also the world’s largest Internet Market with over 200 million Internet users, and it has only taken them less than 5 years to grown from 100 million to 200 million users!

The advancement of Internet presents enormous opportunities for companies to expand into China, and this means, you do not need to have a presence in China to start your marketing efforts there.

Top 5 Smart Marketing Tips:

1. A Chinese Website ‘” Definitely a big YES! Some of our clients have mentioned “We only deal with English speaking clients in China”, “Sorry Sir, this will not work”. There are several reasons ‘” first, Chinese language search engine will not pick up your website effectively if your website is just in English, and even if they use Google, they will use Google Chinese. Another factors is that English websites in China tend to get monitored by the Government more closely, and random and frequent censors are very likely.

2. Chinese Search Engines ‘” A starting point will be to at least submit your websites to Chinese language search engines. There are probably around 30 Top Chinese search engines in China.

3. Presence in Taiwan and Hong Kong ‘” Although a lot of websites in Taiwan and Hong Kong are being censored by the Chinese Government, Chinese consumers do frequently visit Taiwanese and Hong Kong websites especially for consumers goods related news and to find out the latest trends.

4. Chinese E-Newsletters ‘” Develop a Chinese E-Newsletter and invite consumers to sign up, Chinese consumers love newsletters, and this is a soft-marketing way to promote your business and products.

5. Discussion Forums ‘” Post regular articles on various Chinese forums and discussion groups. We have been doing this for a number of months now, and we have signed up on average 20 to 30 members a week onto our website. The number of visitors in these forums are simply beyond imagination. Currently, we have heard the world’s highest record in terms of daily visits to a Blog is 1 million + and that can only happen in China.

In our experience, article marketing seems to be the most effective way in reaching out to prospective Chinese consumers or investors. The more articles you have, the more effective your marketing program will be.

Oh, also, remember ‘” you should develop your Chinese website both in Simplified and Traditional Chinese. China uses Simplified Chinese but they are being influenced by what’s happening in Hong Kong and Taiwan (consumers’ wise) ‘” which uses Traditional Chinese character.