5 Sites for High School Teachers and Their Students

When it comes to education, teachers should do everything in their power to further the education that high school students receive. One of the best ways to do just that is to use a website. Of course, these websites can keep track of grades, give students extra class resources, and more. A teacher doesn’t have to make the class completely online, but the web can be used with great results. Try out these sites!

For class projects or archives of materials, Wikispaces is a great option. Teachers can lock their Wikispace to specific students and make changes without any issues. Deadlines and news can be posted or a discussion board can be created. Either way, Wikispaces allows teachers to give their students a medium to collaborate upon and create great looking projects or archives. Wikispaces is free for basic Wikis and features, but most teachers will want a paid plan to make the most out of it.

Moodle is much like Wikispaces but offers some better features. Of course, it isn’t free. Teachers can create tests, quizzes, discussion forums, and more with this service. Also, keeping track of grades is simple and quick. Study guides can be posted as well as other materials for the class. Moodle is best suited for teachers who rely on the Internet to teach or need it, so a teacher that just wants to keep track of grades or keep students informed should go somewhere else.

For teachers that are big on presentations, SlideShare is a great option. The site is free to use, and slideshow presentations and other file formats can be posted to the site. Everyone one the site can look at these presentations, but teachers can gear them toward their students. So then, students can access presentations and class material whenever they want to in one nifty place.

Google Sites
Google Sites isn’t specifically geared toward education, but it does allow teachers to create their own personal websites for free. With that in mind, teachers can post discussion topics, class materials, chat rooms, and more onto the site. Keeping track of grades will have to be done somewhere else. Teachers should keep Google Sites for use as their own teacher websites then.

WebGrade is only good for keeping track of students’ grades, but many teachers will like using the software and the website. Obviously, students can access their grades whenever teachers post them, so convenience is there. Many high schools utilize WebGrade to take care of students’ grades, so the software is tested and proven to work for teachers and students alike.

These sites can only help!
Teachers should use every tool they can to make education better and more powerful for high school students. Without a doubt, the Internet is a tremendous tool for teachers and students. A good teacher website can get students interested in the class and can help them keep track of everything on their schedule for that class. On that note, don’t count these sites out!

For more information, visit WIkispaces, Moodle, SlideShare, Google Sites, and WebGrade.