5 Signs You Should Quit

Truth: Everyone has a dream job.
Unfortunate Truth : Not all of us get to work there.

A recent poll from CBS News indicates that less than 50% of United States employees are satisfied with their jobs (CBS News).

The biggest reason people work at places they don’t particularly like is because of debt. Rent, mortgage, automotive bills, insurance, credit card bills and student loans are the kind of debt that everyone has and keep us all in the dire need of income to sustain ourselves. While we all have this trait in common, you should still have the opportunity to earn a living to cover your expenses while being happy and satisfied. You spend about a third or more of your entire day at work and if you aren’t progressing or enjoying your occupation, you should really consider a change.

5 Signs You Should Quit:

1. Overqualified.

A job should be stimulating, if you know that your talents aren’t being utilized then you are doing a disservice to yourself and the company. You won’t work as hard at a position you could do with your eyes closed compared to someone else who will eagerly come to the job to learn with wide-eyed anticipation. You should always be learning at your job no matter how experienced you are, it is what keeps you engaged and happy to come to work.

2. No promotion after a significant period.

I once asked for a raise within 6 months of being hired. I had been promoted within two months of employment and saw no pay increase with the promotion; despite a significant responsibility increase. I waited a few months to show that I could handle the job and then promptly asked for a raise at my 6 month mark. I didn’t want to waste my time being overworked and underpaid when I could get paid more elsewhere. If you have been working diligently and haven’t received recognition for it with a pay increase, then ask for it. It is completely within reason to ask for a raise if it hasn’t been offered already. You put time and labor into your job and your contributions to the company should always be rewarded with a contribution to you. If you don’t get a raise, move on to a company that will reward your talents.

3. Can’t pay the bills.

If you just can’t pay the bills, you need to do two things. Adjust your budget into something you can manage. That means cutting out those morning Starbucks runs and learning how to make coffee the way you like it at home. Find substitutes to meet your needs without sacrificing your personal happiness. The second is to find a job where you can sustain your budget. The economy is tough, but don’t work somewhere that is ridiculously below your skill bracket. Perhaps try a different field that will recognize your experience level, opportunities are limited only by your passion to pursue them.

4. It’s a bad fit.

Three months time is a good amount of time to get adjusted to a new work place. It is ample time to understand and get to know the people, the work and the overall environment of the position. If it isn’t something stimulating or welcoming, you should look for a job change because it is unlikely the situation will change.

5. You look for other jobs, all the time.

Clearly, if you are at work, looking for other work, then you are ready to quit. It is unethical to waste company time not working for the company. While it is tempting to just keep working until you find another opportunity, it is hard to make time for interviews and such when you have meetings and deadlines to adhere to. Perhaps drop your current job to part-time, if you can, and clear up your schedule and be available to look freely for work without having to lie to your company. If you can’t go part time, then just drop it all together and commit to finding something engaging.

Stopping your income cash flow is a scary idea and there is always some upcoming expense that keeps you from quitting your job; however, jumping into the pool is the only way to remember that you DO know how to swim. It’s refreshing and energizing.

This is your life and you should live it for you. If you don’t feel like you are fulfilling your dream, then you may need to stand in a different place and look at your dream differently.

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