5 Signs It’s Time to Quit Your Job

You should seriously consider quitting your job when…

There are great opportunities at the company, but not for you. A really obvious sign that it’s time to quit your job is when you don’t get the good assignments, you don’t get the promotion, and you don’t get the raise. That, my friend, is called a dead-end. Face the facts and realize there’s no future for you at the company, and get out. Another version of this is when the boss plays favorites, and you’re not one of them. Unless you see that boss getting fired in the very near future, you need to get yourself out of that job as soon as possible.

Your job duties mysteriously change for the worse. It’s as if someone (your supervisor) is trying to tell you something. The new job duties might be far beneath your skill level, which is a passive-aggressive way to show you that you’re not an asset to the company. Or your new job duties could be far above your skill level, which is an under-handed way of running you out of the job, or setting you up to be fired.

Work is generally unpleasant. When you’re in a bad work environment, you’ll start to think a bad work environment is normal. Well, it isn’t. A lot of people love their work, enjoy their coworkers, and look forward to doing their part to further the mission of the company. If your work environment can be described as miserable, hostile, or generally unpleasant; it’s time to look for a new job.

The best part of your job has nothing to do with the job. If the best part of your job is vacation, it’s probably time to quit. Likewise, if the only thing you look forward to during the work week is visiting the coffee shop in the lobby, it’s probably time to go. You might really like bumping into that hottie in the elevator every day, but is that really going to advance your career?

You hate your job. A lot of people don’t want to admit that they hate their job, especially in a bad economy. So you cover it up by telling yourself that it’s normal to live for the weekends. You may not want to admit that you become ill or upset on work mornings, frequently take “crying breaks” in the bathroom, and drink too much to get work off your mind. Pay attention to these signs, they’re really big indicators that something’s not right, and it’s would be in your best interest to quit.

If any of these situations describe your current job, it may be time to quit and open yourself up to something better.