5 Sample Interview Questions with Answers You Want to Hear

Before you put out open job listings and start fielding job applications and resumes from candidates, you should have a good set of sample interview questions with answers that you want to hear. Job openings today are in hot demand and there are millions of people job searching at any given moment. Many of them are familiar with the most common interview questions, but they aren’t ready for the surprises you could throw at them.

The following sample interview questions will help you fill your job openings with the strongest candidates out there job searching. Once they fill out your job application for one of your job listings, they will be expecting the most common interview questions. What you will give them instead are job interview questions that take them by surprise and make them feel a bit uncomfortable.

The answers to just one of these sample interview questions could take someone from the “yes” pile directly to the “absolutely not” pile.

Sample Interview Question #1: What makes you come to work other than a paycheck?

Many candidates know how to interview for a job and answer the most common interview questions, but most people out there job searching have never been asked job interview questions like this one. That is what makes it one of the best sample job interview questions.

It’s a given that most people go to work because they need the money, but all small business owners and managers know that the best employees have other reasons for coming to work.

Sample Interview Question #2: Tell me about a time at work where you had to abide by a policy that you didn’t necessarily agree with.

This is one of those job interview questions that make many applicants uneasy. No one desperately job searching wants to admit that they didn’t agree with all the policies of their previous employers. What many don’t know is that saying they have always agreed with all policies may make them sound less than honest. Most people job searching do have gripes about policies at work, but the best employees abide by them nonetheless.

With job interview questions like this you are identifying the rogue candidate. You are listening for cues that they may not willingly abide by company rules. Even someone who has been job searching for a long time and who knows how to interview for a job may reveal something that shows you they aren’t the ideal pick for your job openings.

Sample Interview Question #3: What would you do if company policy was to perform a specific task one way, but you found an easier way to do the task?

Job interview questions like this one attempt to figure out how important it is for your candidate to follow rules. By asking what they would do if they found a shortcut you are trying to see if they would just follow their own lead and take that shortcut or if they would continue to follow policy while bringing the shortcut up to management for approval.

Sample Interview Question #4: Tell me about a mistake you made at work and what you learned from it.

This is another one of those unnerving job interview questions because no one wants to admit previous work mistakes when applying for new job listings. Yet, you can tell a lot about someone by how they answer job interview questions like this. If they say they are a perfectionist and have never made mistakes you know they are lying or completely out of touch with reality. Everyone has made mistakes! The question is what those mistakes reveal about them as an employee and how that lesson makes them ideal for your current job openings.

Sample Interview Question #5:What are some of the qualities of past managers that you found effective?

Job interview questions like this one ask the applicant to find positive points about managers they have worked with in the past. You aren’t asking about any specific employer or place of employment. You are just trying to see what the candidate expects from a manager.

If someone does start bad mouthing former managers or employers it should be a bright red flag.

These sample job interview questions are among the most effective job interview questions because they put most people out there job searching off guard. They will make someone filling out your job application reveal a bit more about themselves before landing your best job openings. These are the interview questions to ask when you want to see what your candidates really have to offer.