5 Rewarding Hobbies

Hobbies are a great way to pass the extra free time we have in our life Between working or attending school. Most parents always ask their kids growing up, “what kinds of things do you like to do?” Those are the questions that help shape the hobbies that we choose to participate in. Studies show that having hobbies to do outside of
work or school, help keep us mentally healthy. Therefore, it’s important to have hobbies to stimulate our brains. Most hobbies exist just to keep us busy and to have a little fun every now and then, but there are some hobbies that are actually really rewarding to our lives. Here are just five hobbies that you can find rewarding in your life.

1. Learning new languages. Learning new languages is something you might do in school, but a lot of people take this up as a hobby. There are people that as soon as they feel they can speak and write fluently in one language, they start to learn another. Doing this consistently in one’s lifetime, it is possible to hundreds of new
languages. What makes it so rewarding is knowing that you are accomplishing something that so few people are accomplishing due to the amount of difficulty involved.

2. Learning an instrument. Playing music means using a side of your brain that you might not be used to using. People who primarily use their left side of the brain might be better with acedemic studies, or math and science. People who use their right brain are more inclined to arts and creative thinking. Following all of that, learning an instrument also means to develope a good sense of hand-eye coordination. What makes learning an instrument so rewarding is the fact that you open yourself up to the world of music and a new way of thinking. If you already know how to play an instrument, than learning a new one means you learn how to express music with new sounds and feeling. Playing the same song or tune on two different instruments can produce two different feelings. Plus, everyone loves people who can play music.

3. Growing a garden. Just about every week, you may go to the grocery store to pick up your groceries. Your grocery cart will probably have some bread, milk, different kinds of meat, fruits, and vegetables. Not many people take the time to grow a garden of their own. You may not be able to grow certain kinds of fruits and vegetables depending on where you live due to climates, but what you can grow will be very rewarding. There’s something about cooking and eating something that you grew that just makes it that much better rather than something you buy. However, it takes a good deal of patience to grow a garden. Most people give up on the idea when they don’t see results as soon as they had hoped. That is another reason that makes growing a garden rewarding. Knowing that you have patience to wait for nature to take its course makes it all worth while.

4. Collecting. It doesn’t matter what you collect, whether it be coins, cards, buttons, badges, etc, collecting items is a rewarding hobby. It is something that you can do with someone else like a son or a parent. Even if you collect things by yourself its still rewarding because the items have more of a sentimental value to you. Collecting with someone else, however, creates that personal bond. It’s something that creates memories that last a lifetime, and that’s what makes it rewarding.

5. Volunteering. Lastly we have volunteering. I know some of you may not see volunteering as a hobby, but it can be. Like what was previously stated, a hobby is something you like to do to have fun or stay busy. There are plenty of ways to volunteer, but most all of them are in some way rewarding. Some ideas could be to help clean up your neighborhood, help at a homeless shelter, help tutor children, and many more. Just decide on what it is that you’d like to do to help out. Knowing that you have helped someone, that may not have been able to help themselves, is a rewarding experience that everyone can appreciate.

I hoped you enjoyed this article, and if you don’t already have a hobby, maybe one of these is something you can do.