5 Reasons Why You Should Start Composting

Perhaps you’ve heard about how easy composting is, but you’ve never gotten around to trying it yourself. Or, perhaps you simply don’t think you’ve got the time to add another task to your routine. Whatever the case is, perhaps you should reconsider. Here are 5 great reasons why you should start composting, including how composting can be beneficial to both you and the environment.

1. Saves Money

One of the most enticing benefits of composting is that it can save you a lot of money. Not only does composting not cost you any extra money (aside from the initial investment of a compost bin or chicken wire to make your own compost area,) but it will help you reduce money you spend on hauling away garbage as well as how much money you spend on purchasing fertilizer for your yard.

2. It’s Easy and Won’t Take Up Any Time

Think you’re too busy to compost? Think again, composting is not a daily thing. In fact, only tending to your compost a few minutes one day a week is all you need. That’s right, it’s practically effortless. Just dump in your compost-approved leftovers, (check out this list of what can and cannot be composted,) and walk away. Once a week, come back to mix everything and then let it sit for another week! If you can walk your trash bin out to the curb each week, you can compost. Not as much work as you thought, huh?

3. Good for the Environment

There are a number of reasons why composting is good for the environment. First, it’s reducing how much garbage you’re sending to landfills. Next, you can use what you’ve composted as fertilizer for your garden, which is safer and better for the environment than chemical-filled fertilizers you might find at a nursery or garden center. The benefits are endless.

4. Composting Doesn’t Smell

If you’ve heard from a friend about a friend of a friend who composted and had an awful stench that attracted all kinds of insects, pests and vermin; well-that friend of a friend of a friend did something seriously wrong. When done properly, composting should not stink up the yard. In fact, the smell may be due to people adding items to their compost pile that weren’t supposed to be in there to begin with. (Again, check out this list for what can and cannot be composted.)

5. You Don’t Need a Yard

What’s this? You don’t have a yard, so you can’t compost? Wrong again! You can buy composting bins that can be used successfully indoors at a variety of home improvement and home good stores. That’s right, simply add your scraps to the compost bin and stick it under the sink, out on your balcony or even in the bathroom! No one will never know. If you’re really motivated, you could sell the compost to local gardeners at your local farmer’s or craft market, or even online!

So, why haven’t you started composting yet?

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