5 Reasons Why You Have Brochure Printing Troubles

Are you having difficulties setting up your designs for brochure printing? Do not worry. In many cases, it is not about your imagination or skill.

From what I have seen, many people are going into printing and design without really the right kind of preparation to do it properly. Let me give you five reasons why you might be having trouble with your own process of designing printing brochures. This should help you realize what you need to do before you can present any good draft to that brochure company.

1.Your tools might not be the best – In many cases, your actual tool for designing might be the one that is giving you trouble. While many software applications out there today can handle the process of designing color brochures, not all of them are truly adapted to it. For example, you might possibly be using a word processing application to create your custom brochures. While these word applications can do the job, they lack many of the customization features inherent in actual design software. The best tools to use are typically the real publishing tools or software applications. Applications such as Microsoft Publisher and Adobe InDesign are just a few of the prime examples of what you should be looking for. These applications have the precise features that will help you customize any way you want. Buy and learn these software if you really want to have a great time designing your prints.

2.You may not have all the raw materials gathered – Another possible problem that is making it difficult for you to design is that you may not yet have gathered all the raw materials necessary to design your prints. This happens a lot, especially with amateurs. They forget to gather all the images, font styles as well as other raw design materials in one place all in one time. NOT doing this will lead to a lot of wasted time doing searches in the middle of the actual design process. This can actually interrupt your focus in design leading to many difficult and often tiring times. So for your own process, do not forget to gather all the raw design materials that you need before you start.

3.You are not using standard brochure templates – If you do not use a standard template, you will just be asking for trouble really. It does take time to setup the right kind, with printing bleeds, folding lines and proper formatting guidelines. You will feel a bit spent already as you setup the layout. Not to mention that there is a risk that you might get your dimensions wrong for standard type printing. So believe me, it is well worth getting some actual standard templates since it will make it easier for you in the end.

4.You have not read up on current brochure printing standards – Knowledge is also important to have an easy time. If you have not read upon the current printing standards, chances are good that you will be having a difficult time as you try to design something worthy. That is why it is important actually to read up on current standards.

5.You did not read guidelines – Finally, some difficulties simply stem from not reading guidelines. Many printing companies need some precise document settings to make sure that their machines can accommodate the design configuration. If you did not read those guidelines, there is a big risk that your designs might not be fit and are rejected for printing. So make sure that you read up on the guidelines set by the brochure printer.

These are the possible reasons why you are probably having trouble. Try to identify these in your own printing process and if possible apply the solutions indicated above.

Kaye Z. Marks is an avid writer and follower of the developments in brochure company and brochure printing that help businesses in their marketing and advertising campaigns.